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Presumably 1819 Cupid with his Bow, A36, reworked verison of Georgiana Elizabeth Russell, A173.
Presumably 1819 Cupid with his Bow, A819.
Presumably 1819 - 1825 Maria Fjodorovna Barjatinskaja, A171.
1819 Cupid with the Lyre, A786.
1819 Fru von Krause A244.
1819 Józef Poniatowski, A249.
1819 - completed 1823 Hebe, A875.
1819 - 1822 Shepherd Boy, cf. A177, marble version, The State Herimitage Museum, St. Petersburg.
1819 - 1825 Christ Assigns the Leadership of the Church to Saint Peter, cf. A565, marble relief, Villa Poggio Imperiale, Florence.
January 1819 Horse, first model, half size, of the horse of the monument to Józef Poniatowskis, A123, probably plaster, location unknown.
2.1.1819 Supper at Jørgen Knudtzon’s with, among others, Jens Jacob Keyser and Frederik Schmidt.
3.1.1819 Evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence. Among those present are B.S. Ingemann, J.L. Lund and Frederik Schmidt.
6.1.1819 Thorvaldsen shows Franziska Caspers and Maria Leopoldina Grassalkovich de Gyarak round the Vatican Museum by torchlight.
7.1.1819 Evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence. Among those present are H.F.J. Estrup and Frederik Schmidt.
8.1.1819 Dinner with Katherine Sophie de Bray in the company of Franziska Caspers, Henriette Herz and one Antonelli (unidentified).
Completed not later than 9.1.1819 Model for the equestrian statue of Józef Poniatowski, preliminary version of A123. The model is not known today, but descriptions indicate that both forelegs of the horse were raised.
14.1.1819 Evening party at the Sciarra restaurant with, among others, Hermann Ernst Freund, C.A. Jensen, and Herman Schubart, whose birthday is celebrated.
20.1.1819 Thorvaldsen is ill and receives a visit from Jørgen Knudtzon, Alexander Baillie, and Frederik Schmidt.
21.1.1819 Thorvaldsen is feeling better and receives a visit from Frederik Schmidt, who brings him two new poems.
28.1.1819 Frederik 6.’s birthday is celebrated by the Danes in Rome at the Trattoria Armelino around C.A. Jensen’s drawing of the king. Songs by Frederik Schmidt and B.S. Ingemann are sung.
Later in the evening, the party continues at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence.
28.1.1819 P.O. Brøndsted arrives in Rome.
28.1.1819 Elected member of Skydeselskabet (The Royal Shooting Society), Copenhagen.
31.1.1819 A visit from B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt, H.F.J. Estrup and P.O. Brøndsted. Herman Schubart’s financial situation is discussed.
1.2.1819 Frederik Schmidt visits Thorvaldsen and his workshop in the company of some Englishmen.
4.2.1819 Attends a merry evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence. B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt, P.O. Brøndsted, N.C. Lunzi, C.A. Jensen and others are present.
5.2.1819 Visits Frederik Schmidt.
11.2.1819 Moonlight excursion to the Colosseum and the church S. Gregorio, probably S. Gregorio Magno al Celio with, among others, P.O. Brøndsted, N.C. Lunzi, Hermann Ernst Freund, C.A. Jensen, Frederik Schmidt and Catharina Maria Bügel. The party continues at the home of the latter.
14.2.1819 Evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence with, among others, Frederik Schmidt and Jørgen Knudtzon.
17.2.1819 Evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence with, among others, Frederik Schmidt and Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
18.2.1819 Visit from Jørgen Knudtzon, Alexander Baillie and Frederik Schmidt.
19.2.1819 J.L. Lund invites all the Danes in Rome to see his collection of drawings after old Italian paintings, collected while travelling in Umbria and Toscana. Thorvaldsen is probably present.
20.2.1819 Evening party at Jørgen Knudtzon’s place with, among others, B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt and H.F.J. Estrup. Later they went to Catharina Maria Bügel’s house.
21.2.1819 “Service” at Thorvaldsen’s place attended by the Danes in Rome. Frederik Schmidt delivers the sermon.
21.2.1819 Party at P.O. Brøndsted’s place with the Danes in Rome. At midnight to the carnival at the Teatro d’Aliberti. Thorvaldsen provides a Pulcinella doll for Frederik Schmidt.
23.2.1819 Organizes and takes part in a birthday party for Caroline von Humboldt. On this occasion, he presents her with a plaster cast of Cupid with the Lyre, cf. A786. Today at Schloss Tegel, Berlin.
24.2.1819 The day before his departure to Naples, Frederik Schmidt takes leave of Thorvaldsen, who gives him a copy of the medal F2 and some engravings of the Alexander Frieze, Night and Day.
Spring 1819 Jurij Aleksándrovitj Golóvkin, A288.
March 1819 Thorvaldsen has a fever and cannot work.
1.3.1819 Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, cf. A503, is commissioned in plaster by Eugène de Beauharnais.
9.3.1819 Attends a party on the occasion of Franziska Caspers’ name day at Louise Seidler’s Roman apartment and places a garland on Caspers’ head.
12.3.1819 Dinner at the house of Torlonia in the company of P.O. Brøndsted, A.C. Gierlew and Peder Hjort.
Not later than 21.3.1819 A marble version of Mercury about to Kill Argus, cf. A5, is begun. This is probably A873, finished 1822.
29.3.1819 At a party in Frascati, the host, Christian Carl Friedrich August toasts the engagement of Thorvaldsen and Frances Mackenzie, much to Thorvaldsen’s dissatisfaction.
Completed April 1819 Completes the original model of Cupid and the Graces, A29.
April 1819 Christian Carl Friedrich August, A204.
April 1819 Friedrich August Emil, A206.
April 1819 The committee, Adam Czartoryski, Stanisław Mokronowski and Alexander Linowski, sign the preliminary contract for the equestrian statue of Józef Poniatowski, cf. A123, A124, A125, A126, and A249 (signed in Rome by Thorvaldsen and Leon Potocki 8.7.1818).
2.4.1819 Attends a birthday dinner for Jacob Brønnum Scavenius at The Ermine in Piazza di Sciarra in the company of Peder Brønnum Scavenius, Jacob Fibiger, P.O. Brøndsted, N.C. Lunzi, Hermann Ernst Freund, Peder Hjort, B.S. Ingemann, C.A. Jensen and Rud Bay.
3.4.1819 Clemens Metternich visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop.
3.4.1819 An exhibition with German and Nordic artists opens in Palazzo Caffarelli in Rom. Thorvaldsens The Graces and Cupid, cf. A29, was featured in the catalogue, but not exhibited.
12.4.1819 Emperor Francis 1. of Austria visits Thorvaldsen’s studios.
13.4.1819 Peder Brønnum Scavenius visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop.
21.4.1819 or 24.4.1819 Franziska Caspers and Fyrstinde Grassalkovich leave Rome bound for Naples.
27.4.1819 Peder Brønnum Scavenius visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop.
27.4.1819 Attends a wild party in La Storta, about 15 km north of Rome, on the occasion of the departure of the duke and the prince of Augustenborg from Rome. The party was arranged by Herman Schubart.
Not later than May 1819 A plaster cast of Mercury about to Kill Argus, cf. A5, commissioned by Christian Daniel Rauch, is finished in Rome. Present location unknown.
Begun May 1819 The model of Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), A119, is begun.
2.5.1819 Caroline von Humboldt and her children leave Rome in the rain. At the same time, Henriette Herz and several others leave the city. They are accompanied part of the way by the Buti family and all the artists in Casa Buti, including Thorvaldsen, in five small carriages.
2.5.1819 Frances Mackenzie leaves Rome after Thorvaldsen finally has broken with her.
5.5.1819 Talks to P.O. Brøndsted about his relationship with Frances Mackenzie.
7.5. - 10.5.1819 Participates in a trip to the Alban Hills accompanied by Conrad Rantzau, Cai Verner Ahlefeldt, Frederik Carl Emil von Scholten, Jørgen Conrad de Falsen, J.L. Lund, C.A. Jensen, Hermann Ernst Freund, Peder Brønnum Scavenius og Jacob Fibiger. They visit Albano, Castel Gandolfo, Palazzolo, Rocca di Papa, Monte Cavo, Ariccia, Lake Nemi, Marino, Grottaferrata, Frascati, Tusculum and Monte Porcio Catone.
12.5.1819 Peder Brønnum Scavenius visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop.
21.5.1819 Franziska Caspers and Fyrstinde Grassalkovich stop briefly in Rome on their return from Naples before they leave Italy for Vienna.
Not later than 25.5.1819 The head of the colossal bust Thomas Maitland, cf. A258, is cast in bronze by Jollage & Hopfgarten for the monument to Maitland. The bust was lost during the Second World War.
27.5.1819 Listens to the poem Helge (written 1814) by Adam Oehlenschläger, read by Brøndsted.
28.5.1819 B.S. Ingemann’s birthday is celebrated at Palazzo Sciarra by Thorvaldsen, Peder Brønnum Scavenius and others.
June 1819 The Annunciation, relief, probably plaster, location unknown, cf. D153.
Beginning of June 1819 Thorvaldsen models the bust of Clemens Metternich, cf. A234.
10.6.1819 Awarded the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown (third class) by Frans 1.
Not later than middle of June 1819 Attends the floral fête “Infiorata” in Genzano with P.O. Brøndsted, Conrad Rantzau, and N.C. Lunzi.
Beginning of July 1819 Spends a few days in the country.
Completed 3.7.1819 Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), A119.
14.7.1819 Begins the journey to Denmark in the company of J.L. Lund and Conrad Rantzau.
14.7.1819 Crosses Ponte Centeno on the border of Tuscany.
14.7.1819 Passes Acquapendente c. 150 kilometers north of Rome.
14.7.1819 - 16.12.1820 Freund and Tenerani take care of Thorvaldsen’s studios in his absence.
15.7.1819 Visits Enrico Mocenni in Siena with, among others, Conrad Rantzau and Jørgen Conrad de Falsen.
16.7.1819 Arrives in Florence.
17.7.1819 - 5.1.1822 Dancing Girl, cf. A178, is being carved in marble in Thorvaldsen’s workshop.
22.7.1819 Leaves Florence.
22.7.1819 Arrives in Bologna. Stays the night at the hotel Pellegrino.
23.7.1819 Arrives at Parma. Stays the night at Albergo del Pavone. Sees Correggio’s fresco The Revelation of John, 1520-23, in the cupola of San Giovanni Evangelista.
Presumably not later than 24.7.1819 Caroline von Humboldt’s plaster casts of Mercury about to Kill Argus, cf. A5, and Cupid with the Lyre, cf. A786, are shipped from Rome. Today at Schloss Tegel, Berlin.
24.7.1819 Passes Piacenza.
25.7.1819 Arrives in Milan. Stays at hotel Reichmann on Corso di Porta Romana.
2.8.1819 A small model of the monumentet Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. the cast of the large model, A119, is sent from Rome, bound for Lucerne.
Not later than 3.8.1819 Thorvaldsen makes the acquaintance of Anselmo Ronchetti in Milan.
3.8.1819 Departure from Milan.
3.8.1819 Visits the town of Saronno to see fresco paintings by Bernardino Luini (c. 1480-c. 1532).
3.8.1819 Arrives in Sesto Calende. Stays overnight.
4.8.1819 Passes Domodossola.
4.8. - 5.8.1819 Arrives at the Simplon pass. Presumably stays the night in the village Simplon.
7.8.1819 The large model of the monument Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, is sent from Rome, bound for Lucerne.
7.8.1819 Passes the Rhône bridge at Saint-Maurice in Switzerland and probably spends the night at the nearby hotel de l’Union at Bex.
8.8.1819 Arrives in Vevey. Probably stays overnight at the Hôtel des Trois-Couronnes.
10.8.1819 Arrives in Bern. Probably stays overnight at the hotel Krone. Sees the Bern Minster.
11.8.1819 Passes Zofingen in the night.
12.8.1819 Arrives in Lucerne and stays overnight at the inn Der Falke.
12.8.1819 In the company of Karl Pfyffer von Altishofen Thorvaldsen visits the place where the monument Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, is to be erected.
13.8.1819 Arrives in Zürich and stays overnight at the inn Schwerdt.
14.8.1819 Arrives at Schaffhausen and spends the night at the inn Krone. Sees the waterfalls of the Rhine.
15.8.1819 Arrives at Tuttlingen, Germany, just north of the Swiss-German border.
15.8.1819 Arrives at Hechingen and spends the night at the unidentified inn The Post. Wascherrin.
16.8.1819 Arrives in Stuttgart via Waldenbuch, where Johann Nepomuk Zwerger gets a lift in Thorvaldsen’s carriage.
Lodges at the hotel König von England, just near the Schillerplatz.
Not earlier than 16.8.1819 Visits Johann Heinrich von Dannecker’s studio in Stuttgart.
Presumably 17.8. - 21.8.1819 Attends a party given by Dowager Duchess Louise of Württemberg in Stuttgart, where he praises the collection of paintings owned by Sulpiz Boisserée, Melchior Boisserée and Johann Baptist Bertram.
Presumably 17.8. - 21.8.1819 Studies the brothers Melchior and Sulpiz Boisserée’s and Johann Baptist Bertram’s collection of German and Netherlandish medieval and Renaissance paintings.
19.8.1819 Pankraz Eggenschwyler starts hollowing out the cliff face in Lucerne, where the monument Dying Lion (the Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, is to be erected.
21.8.1819 Evening party at the house of Johann Baptist Bertram in the company of Dannecker, Cotta, Rapp and one Dr. Lindner.
21.8.1819 Leaves Stuttgart for Heidelberg late in the evening.
22.8.1819 Arrives in Heidelberg and spends the night there at the hotel Zum König von Portugal.
22.8.1819 Meets Christian Carl Friedrich August on his arrival in Heidelberg. Large party at the inn Zum König von Portugal.
Presumably 24.8.1819 Arrives in Frankfurt via Darmstadt. Lodges at the hotel Zum Weißen Schwan at the Goetheplatz.
Not earlier than 25.8.1819 Visits the Bethmann-Hollweg family in Frankfurt.
28.8.1819 Participates in a celebration of Goethe’s 70th birthday in Frankfurt a.M. Discusses a possible monument to Goethe with Sulpiz Boisserée.
30.8.1819 Leaves Frankfurt.
30.8.1819 Arrives at Mainz. Lodges at the inn Zum weissen Ross.
Presumably 31.8.1819 Continues his journey to Koblenz. Stays overnight.
Presumably 1.9. - 4.9.1819 Short stay in in Bad Ems. Meets Prince Christian (8.) Frederik for the first time.
Presumably 4.9.1819 Travels via Andernach to Bonn. Spends the night at the Sternhotel.
Presumably 5.9.1819 Arrives in Köln. Lodges at Hotel Kaiserlicher Hof, Breitestraße 36.
Presumably 5.9. - 7.9.1819 Sulpiz Boisserée shows Thorvaldsen the Cologne Cathedral. Meets here unexpectedly Caroline von Humboldt and Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker.
Presumably 8.9.1819 Leaves Cologne.
10.9.1819 Passes Osnabrück.
Presumably 13.9.1819 Arrives in Hamburg and lodges at the Hotel St. Petersburg.
Presumably 14.9. - 17.9.1819 Meets for the first time Conrad Hinrich Donner in Altona.
Presumably 18.9.1819 Leaves Hamburg.
Presumably 18.9.1819 Arrives at Breitenburg, Conrad Rantzau’s castle. Rantzau is absent. Probably spends the night here.
19.9.1819 Passes Rendsburg.
20.9.1819 Arrives in Schleswig early in the morning. Sees the Hans Brüggemann altar in the cathedral. Is celebrated at a meal by the lawyer Christian Friedrich Jasper (1786-1847). Schack von Staffeldt proposes a toast. Stays overnight.
21.9.1819 Travels from Schleswig to Flensburg. Meets the widow of Johann Heinrich Wulffen. Stays overnight.
22.9.1819 Departs from Flensburg to the manor Sandjerg visiting Ludvig Detlev Reventlow (1780-1854). Drives on to Sønderborg to stay there overnight.
23.9. - 27.9.1819 Ophold ved hoffet på Augustenborg hos prinsesse og hertuginde Louise Augusta.
27.9.1819 Sails to Bøjden on the island of Funen, sees the altar painting by Eckersberg in Horne Church.
27.9. - 29.9.1819 Visit the Reventlow family at Brahetrolleborg and Arreskov.
Presumably 28.9.1819 Sees his own Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, in the church of Brahetrolleborg and the altar painting by J.L. Lund in Øster Hæsinge church.
29.9.1819 Visits Johan Bülow at Sanderumgaard, his estate near Odense. Continues to Nyborg staying there overnight.
30.9.1819 Crosses the Great Belt from Nyborg to Korsør.
30.9. - 2.10.1819 Visits F.A. Holstein at Holsteinborg Manor in Zealand.
October 1819 - 1821 Clemens Metternich, A234.
Not later than 2.10.1819 Minerva, Truth and Lie, cf. A600, and the lower part of the bust of Thomas Maitland, cf. A258, are cast in bronze by Jollage & Hopfgarten for the monument to Thomas Maitland. The bust was lost during the Second World War, the relief is in the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos.
3.10.1819 Arrives in Copenhagen for the first time since 30.8.1796.
3.10.1819 - 11.8.1820 Residence and studio at Charlottenborg, 1 Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen.
4.10. - 7.10.1819 Receives daily visits from Peder Horrebow Haste at Charlottenborg.
5.10.1819 Takes up his post as professor of modelling at the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
6.10.1819 Thorvaldsen is congratulated on his return to Denmark by a deputation of students.
9.10.1819 Tilbringer sandsynligvis aftenen i Friederike Bruns hjem i Bredgade, København.
10.10.1819 Celebration at Moltke’s picture gallery (det Moltkeske maleri-galleri) in Bredgade, Copenhagen, with a speech by Niels Henrik Weinwich. Several artists and government officials participate.
11.10.1819 Party at the Royal Shooting Society.
13.10.1819 Borups Selskab (The Dramatic and Literary Society, Borup’s Society) celebrates Thorvaldsen’s return to Denmark. Three songs dedicated to Thorvaldsen are sung.
14.10.1819 Attends Princess Vilhelmine’s admittance to the Royal Shooting Society. Meets Jens Kragh Høst again.
16.10.1819 A sumptuous celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour at The Royal Shooting Range with several hundred participants, speeches, songs, and the firing of cannons.
Begun 19.10.1819 - completed 9.6.1821 Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, cf. A624, is carved in marble.
20.10.1819 Is godfather to Waldemar Henrik Rothe’s son, Frode Rothe (1818-1846), Vartov Church, Copenhagen.
27.10.1819 Attends a celebration in the masonic lodge Friedrich zur gekrönten Hoffnung. A song dedicated to Thorvaldsen is sung.
30.10.1819 Attends a celebration in the society Clio of Queen Marie Sophie Frederikke’s birthday. The poet Jens Baggesen recites a tribute poem.
End of October 1819 The two original models for Dying Lion (The Lucerne LIon), cf. A119, arrive separately at Lucerne. Today the models are in the Historisches Museum Luzern.
8.11.1819 Thorvaldsen’s first meeting with the Building Commission for the Church of Our Lady regarding commissions for the decoration of the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen.
12.11.1819 Appointed acting Councillor of State [virkelig etatsråd]. In the evening participates in a Royal banquet given by Frederik 6.
14.11.1819 Christian (8.) Frederik asks Thorvaldsen to model busts of the royal family.
24.11.1819 At the invitation of A.W. Hauch, Thorvaldsen attends the meeting of the Building Commission for Christiansborg Palace, where he receives new commissions, among others a Christ, cf. A82, for Christiansborg Palace Church.
Winter 1819 - 1820 Caroline, A193.
Winter 1819 - 1820 Frederik 6., A191.
Winter 1819 - 1820 Marie Sophie Frederikke, A192.
Winter 1819 - 1820 Vilhelmine, A194.
Winter 1819 - 1820 Frederik (7.), A199.
23.12.1819 Christian (8.) Frederik and Caroline Amalie arrive in Rome with their retinue.
25.12.1819 Christian (8.) Frederik visits Thorvaldsen’s studio in Rome. Returns to the studios several times during his stay in the city.
27.12.1819 Slotsbygningskommissionen (Building Commission for Christiansborg Palace) commissions Christ, cf. A82, in marble for Christiansborg Palace Church. The statue was later placed in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen instead.