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Presumably 1818 Alexander the Great in the Triumphal Chariot, A504, a variation of A503.
Presumably 1818 Anne Newburgh, A889.
Presumably 1818 Christina Alexandra Egypta Bonaparte?, A635.
Presumably 1818 Models bust of Francis Basset, later executed in marble; unidentified.
Presumably 1818 - 1819 Caspar Bartholin, A227.
1818 Christ at Emmaus, A562.
1818 Cristino Rasponi, A297.
1818 Jane Craufurd, A307.
1818 Karl von Seinsheim?, A290.
1818 Maria Fjodorovna Barjatinskaja, A250, preparatory work for A171.
1818 Wilhelmine Benigna Biron, A720.
1818 Wilhelmine Benigna Biron, A811.
1818 A marble version of Mercury about to Kill Argus, cf. A5, is commissioned in Rome by A.F. Madlira. Private collection, today on permanent loan at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.
Not earlier than 1818 Christ Assigns the Leadership of the Church to Saint Peter, A564.
Not earlier than 1818 Christina Alexandra Egypta Bonaparte?, A726.
1818 - completed 1819 Jane Craufurd, A898.
1818 - 1827 Fragments of the Alexander Frieze, A831 - A850, previously Christiansborg Palace, partly destroyed by fire in 1884.
1818 - January 1819 Christ Assigns the Leadership of the Church to Saint Peter, A565.
Not earlier than January 1818 Thorvaldsen, Sommariva and a Greek Warrior, A738.
February 1818 The Goddess of Hope, A47, is commissioned in marble by Caroline von Humboldt.
Presumably spring 1818 Monument to Anthony James Radcliffe, cf. A622 and A740, is commissioned.
Presumably spring 1818 George Agar Ellis commissions works, including Briseis and Achilleus, cf. A490, Night, cf. A369, and Day, cf. A370) in marble, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.
Spring 1818 Mercury about to Kill Argus, A868, preparatory model for A5.
Spring 1818 George Agar Ellis, A299.
Spring 1818 Ludwig (1.), A233.
Spring 1818 Ludwig sees Adonis, cf. A53, in Rome. Marble statue, Neue Pinakothek, Munich.
Spring 1818 The Graces Listening to Cupid’s Song, cf. A602, is commissioned for the monument to Andrea Appiani.
Spring 1818 Catches a cold and is taken ill with fever on a trip to Tivoli.
Spring 1818 Probably models Veronica Zauli Guarini, plaster bust, location unknown today.
Spring 1818 Attends the flower festival at Genzano with, among others, J.L. Lund and Herman Schubart.
March 1818 - end of September 1818 Herman Schubart stays with Thorvaldsen in Rome.
Not later than 10.3.1818 Begins modelling a portrait bust of Gustav von Ingenheim, but the bust is probably never finished.
11.3.1818 Peder Hjort, Poul Godske von Bertouch-Lehn and Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom arrive in Rome.
21.3.1818 Receives a commission for a marble sculpture of Ferdinand 1.. The sculpture is never completed.
April 1818 Luigi Bienaimé is employed in Thorvaldsen’s studio.
4.4.1818 Christian (8.) Frederik commissions plaster copies of all Thorvaldsen’s works for the study collection of the Academy of Fine Arts.
6.4.1818 Thomas Hope sends Thorvaldsen a reminder for Jason with the Golden Fleece, A822.
Not later than 22.4.1818 Negotiations concerning the commission for Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, are initiated by Karl Pfyffer von Altishofen.
28.4.1818 Thorvaldsen is fêted in Rome by a party of Danes.
29.4.1818 Attends a farewell party for Ludwig, Crown Prince of Bavaria, together with 86 artists, writers, scientists, etc. The party was in Villa Schultheiss outside Porta del Popolo. The hall had been decorated by the Nazarenes and J.L. Lund.
3.5.1818 Hermann Ernst Freund arrives in Rome.
5.5.1818 Visits the Vatican in the evening to see the sculptures in the company of Jørgen Koch and Herman Schubart.
17.5.1818 At an evening party in Palazzo Caffarelli on the occasion of Christian Karl Josias von Bunsen’s son, Heinrich Georg Bunsen’s (1818-?) baptism.
27.5.1818 Jørgen Koch moves into Casa Buti.
Summer 1818 - August 1818 Is ill and recuperates in Albano, nursed by Frances Mackenzie.
June 1818 Models another bust of Caroline von Humboldt, as the first from 1805 was not satisfactory. Location unknown.
5.6.1818 Thorvaldsen er til middag hos Christian Karl Josias von Bunsen i Palazzo Caffarelli på Kapitol i anledning af Bunsens yngste barns dåb, jf. Maurer, op. cit.
Not later than 11.6.1818 Atanazy Raczyński commissions a marble copy of Ganymede Offering the Cup, cf. A41, finished spring 1821, today in the National Museum Poznań, Polen.
Presumably 12.6.1818 - 14.7.1819 Woman Ascending to Heaven, above the Genius of Death, A625, probably a variation of Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, A624.
12.6.1818 Stanislaus de Chaudoir commissions a monument to his late wife Aloisia de Chaudoir fromThorvaldsen, cf. Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, A624.
Not earlier than 12.6.1818 - not later than 14.7.1819 Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s Wife, A624.
Not later than 13.6.1818 Mercury about to Kill Argus, A5.
Presumably 15.6.1818 - 30.6.1818 Caroline von Humboldt poses twice for Thorvaldsen, who, to her disappointment, only spends two hours each time modelling a new portrait bust of her.
15.6.1818 Frederik 6. commissions Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, cf. A503, in marble for Christiansborg Palace.
Not later than July 1818 Ivan Ivanovitj Barjatinskij visits Thorvaldsen’s studio and commissions the marble statue of Maria Fjodorovna Barjatinskaja, A171.
8.7.1818 A preliminary contract for the equestrian statue Józef Poniatowski, cf. A123, A124, A125, A126, and A249, is signed in Rome by Thorvaldsen and Leon Potocki.
Completed not later than 30.7.1818 The marble version of Monument to Anna Maria Porro Serbelloni, cf. A619, is finished. Today the work is in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Milano.
August 1818 Travels to Naples and visits Procida, Ischia, Capri and Sorrento in the company of Frances Mackenzie, Henriette Herz, Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom among others.
4.8.1818 Signs a contract with Ivan Ivanovitj Barjatinskij for the execution of Maria Fjodorovna Barjatinskaja, A171.
8.8.1818 Thorvaldsen delivers a drawing (unidentified today) of Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, to Vincenz Rüttimann as an initial sketch of the monument.
Not later than 27.8.1818 The version of Goddess of Hope, cf. A47, commissioned by Caroline von Humboldts, is begun in marble. Today at Schloss Tegel, Berlin.
Autumn 1818 Maria Fjodorovna Barjatinskaja, A172.
Autumn 1818 Thomas Maitland, A258, and Minerva, Truth and Lie, A600.
September - October 1818 At general Laval Nugent and his wife Giovanna Nugent’s place in Napoli, Thorvaldsen studies an arabic horse, which Józef Poniatowski has ridden, and makes sketches for a model of the horse, A125, which is later integrated into the equestrian statue, cf. A123.
Not earlier than September 1818 - not later than 1821 Giovanna Nugent, A239, is commissioned and modelled.
13.9.1818 Elected member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
Beginning of October 1818 Travels from Naples to Rome.
9.10.1818 B.S. Ingemann and Frederik Schmidt arrive in Rome.
10.10.1818 B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt and H.F.J. Estrup visit Thorvaldsen in his workshop in Rome.
11.10.1818 B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt and H.F.J. Estrup visit Thorvaldsen in his home in Casa Buti. Later they go to his workshop as the day before.
Not later than 17.10.1818 Mercury about to Kill Argus, A5, is cast in plaster.
Not later than 17.10.1818 Caroline von Humboldt commissions a plaster cast of Mercury about to Kill Argus, A5.
Completed not later than 25.10.1818 Minerva, Truth and Lie, A600.
End of October 1818 The King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinand 1. visits Thorvaldsen in his workshop.
7.11.1818 Visit from B.S. Ingemann and Frederik Schmidt in his workshop.
9.11.1818 About this date, Franziska Caspers arrives in Rome with Princess Maria Leopoldina Grassalkovich de Gyarak.
Winter 1818 - 1819 François Gabriel de Bray commissions his bust, cf. A300, and the plaster cast A721, together with Night, cf. A369 and Day, cf. A370,
3.12.1818 Visit from Frederik Schmidt. Later that evening at the Caffè Greco, then a musical gathering, and finally at the Caffè Nuovo.
12.12.1818 Visit from Frederik Schmidt. Thorvaldsen complains about the biography that he has to write for the College of Arms.
15.12.1818 The American politician and governor Edward Everett commissions six plaster casts of the bust of Lord Byron, cf. A717.
24.12.1818 Christmas Eve at Thorvaldsen’s with Danes and Norwegians in Rome, among others, B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt, Jørgen Knudtzon, Alexander Baillie, Jens Jacob Keyser, H.F.J. Estrup, J.L. Lund, Hermann Ernst Freund, Catharina Maria Bügel, Peder Hjort. Thorvaldsen prepares the Christmas rice pudding.
A song by Ingemann is sung.
25.12.1818 Christmas “service” at Thorvaldsen’s place attended by all the Danes in Rome. Frederik Schmidt delivers the sermon.
26.12.1818 Supper at Jørgen Knudtzon’s with, among others, B.S. Ingemann and H.F.J. Estrup.
29.12.1818 Thorvaldsen adjusts Hermann Ernst Freund’s bust of B.S. Ingemann (modelled 1818, marble 1820 at the New Carlsberg Glyptothek).
31.12.1818 New Year’s eve at Catharina Maria Bügel’s with the other Danes in Rome.
End of 1818 Wilhelmine Benigna Biron, A312.