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Presumably 1814 Venus, Mars and Cupid in Vulcan’s Smithy, A420, reworked version of A419.
Presumably 1814 - 1820 Anna Potocka?, A251.
1814 Cupid Triumphant, A22.
1814 Monument to Johann Philipp Bethmann-Hollweg, cf. A615,1, A615,2 and A615,3.
1814 Nessus and Deianira, A481.
1814 Edward Pellew, A260. Two marble versions at Canonteign, Devon.
Not earlier than 1814 Nessus and Deianira, A480.
Not earlier than 1814 Woman Mourning, intended for the tomb of Johann Philipp Bethmann-Hollweg, A734.
14.1.1814 Deltager i fejringen af Herman Schubarts fødselsdag i Rom sammen med C.W. Eckersberg, Peder Malling og Wilhelm von Huth, men uden fødselarens tilstedeværelse.
28.1.1814 Awarded the Royal Order of the Two-Sicilies, N24.
5.2.1814 Jacqueline Schubart dies at Montenero.
Spring 1814 Pietro Tenerani is employed by Thorvaldsen.
26.3.1814 Monument to Jacqueline Schubart, A618, is requested by Herman Schubart.
6.4.1814 Member of a commission on the Farnese collection with, among others, Antonio Canova, Massimiliano Laboureur and Antonio d’ Este.
Not later than 11.4.1814 Monument to Jacqueline Schubart, C1075r, drawing, draft for a monument.
24.5.1814 Humility, statue, Sant’Angelo Bridge, Rome. Temporarily installed to mark the return of Pope Pius 7. to Rome.
Not later than 2.7.1814 Monument to Jacqueline Schubart, A704, is being executed in marble.
Not later than 24.7.1814 Monument to Auguste Böhmer, A700, A701, A702 and A703, is finished in marble.
8.8. - 8.9.1814 C.W. Eckersberg paints his famous Portrait of Bertel Thorvaldsen, today at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
12.10.1814 Elected honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
25.11.1814 Fanny Caspers and Thorvaldsen meet for the first time in the sculptor’s studio during Casper’s first visit to Rome.
Winter 1814 - 1815 John Russell commissions two reliefs (cf. A490 and A492) and a portrait statue of Georgiana Elizabeth Russell (cf. A173). All three works are in marble, Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, England.
Winter 1814 - 1815 The bust Georgiana Elizabeth Russell, A315, is executed, presumably as a model for the portrait statue of the same, cf. A173.
31.12.1814 Celebrates New Year’s eve at the house of Wilhelm Huth with Peder Malling, G.F. Hetsch, C.W. Eckersberg and Baron Brown.