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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1809 Mercury Brings Bacchus to Ino, A346, reworked version of A347.
Presumably 1809 - 1810 Hercules and Hebe, A321, reduced version of A317.
Presumably 1809 - 1810 Hygieia and Aesculapius, A322, reduced version of A318.
1809 Cupid Complains to Venus about a Bee Sting, A780.
1809 Cupid Riding on a Lion, A388.
1809 Mercury Brings Bacchus to Ino, A347.
1809 The Birth of Venus, A348.
1809 Ida Brun, A218.
1809 Sophie Dorothea Høyer, A228.
1809 Wilhelm Malte Putbus commissions more reliefs for his castle on the island of Rügen.
1809 Visits the Pantheon, Rome, and sees Gaspare Landi’s and Vincenzo Camuccini’s paintings for the church of San Giovanni in Canale, Piacenza.
Not earlier than 1809 Cupid Complains to Venus about a Bee Sting, A417.
Not earlier than 1809 Cupid Complains to Venus about a Bee Sting, A418, reworked version of A780.
14.1.1809 Organizes the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome, but without Schubart’s presence.
10.2.1809 Georg Zoëga, C761r, is portrayed on his deathbed.
10.2.1809 Georg Zoëga dies, Thorvaldsen is appointed one of the executors of the estate.
April 1809 Adam Oehlenschläger arrives in Rome and is introduced to Thorvaldsen by Georg Koës.
Summer 1809 Visits Friederike Brun in Albano and Oehlenschläger in Grottaferata.
4.6.1809 Nicolai Abildgaard dies at Sorgenfri (near Copenhagen). Thorvaldsen hears about his death for the first time in a letter from Herman Schubart, 27.7.1809.
8.6.1809 Crown Prince Ludwig 1. of Bavaria consults Thorvaldsen regarding acquisitions of antique works of art.
July 1809 Joseph Anton Koch proposes the publication of a book with engravings of Thorvaldsen’s works. The idea is abandoned by the end of 1809.
6.7.1809 Pope Pius VII is abducted from Rome.
Not later than 10.9.1809 The Virgin and Child, drawing, private collection, is given to Jacqueline Schubart on the occasion of her birthday.
16.9.1809 Appointed member of a commission for an official art exhibition in Rome, arranged by the French government.
October 1809 The archaeologist P.O. Brøndsted arrives in Rome and makes friends with Thorvaldsen.
Not later than 19.11.1809 Ida Brun, A810.
Completed December 1809 Hector with Paris and Helen, A499.
24.12.1809 Celebrates Christmas Eve in the house of the Riepenhausen brothers, with P.O. Brøndsted, Georg Koës and others. The Christmas party concludes with dancing.