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1811 The brothers Riepenhausen and Ferdinando Mori publish a book with line engravings of Thorvaldsen’s works.
Presumably January 1811 The sculptures Venus with the Apple and Bacchus (probably versions of A12 and A2) are commissioned by Wilhelm Malte Putbus.
January 1811 Thorvaldsen suffers from inflammation of the eyes and rheumatism.
Presumably January 1811 - August 1811 Cupid Holding a Butterfly to Hurt it with an Arrow, statue, marble, location unknown. Commissioned by Theodor von Hahn. Only known from Mori, op. cit.
Not later than 14.1.1811 The Centaur Chiron teaching Achilles to shoot with the Bow, C780, is sent to Herman Schubart for his birthday.
31.1.1811 The brothers Rudolf and Wilhelm Schadow arrive in Rome.
Not later than 5.3.1811 Bertel Thorvaldsen, a version of A223, is commissioned by Hans West for the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.
12.3.1811 Elected member of the Königliche Preussische Academie der Künste in Berlin.
April - December 1811 In Denmark Herman Schubart shows the book with line engravings of Thorvaldsen’s works by the brothers Riepenhausen and Ferdinando Mori.
22.5.1811 Reliefs and bust for the Monument to Auguste Böhmer, A700, A701, A702 and A703, are commissioned, and during the year F.W.J. Schelling and Thorvaldsen discuss the execution of the work in their correspondence.
Presumably summer 1811 A marble quarry with white marble is discovered in Norway.
Summer 1811 Peder Malling arrives in Rome.
July 1811 Thorvaldsen’s friendKratzenstein Stub leaves Rome.
28.8.1811 Elected honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.
Not later than 10.9.1811 The Virgin with Christ and John, Dep.4, is executed for Jacqueline Schubart’s birthday.
Middle of September 1811 His friend C.F. Høyer leaves Rome.
Not earlier than 9.10.1811 - beginning of November 1811 Convalescing at Ariccia with Marianna Rinaldi, probably with his son Carlo Alberto Thorvaldsen, who is also ill. The son died in 1811 possibly during this stay in Ariccia.
Winter 1811 - 1812 The Quirinal Palace is renovated for the expected arrival of Napoleon 1. during the summer of 1812.