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Presumably January 1811 - August 1811

Cupid Holding a Butterfly to Hurt it with an Arrow, statue, marble, location unknown. Commissioned by Theodor von Hahn. Only known from Mori, op. cit.

Primary sources

  • Contract dated 20.8.1809 between von Hahn and Thorvaldsen (the statue is to be finished within one year).
  • Ferdinando Mori: Le statue e li bassirelievi inventati e scolpiti in marmo dal cavaliere Alberto Thorwaldsen scultore danese, Rome 1811, pl. 28.
  • Letter dated 18.6.1811 from Christian Daniel Rauch to Caroline von Humboldt states that the carving was begun in January 1811 and had not been completed by June 1811.
  • Original model executed spring 1807.
  • Thiele 1831, p. 113 (the statue was shipped to Courland).

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