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Presumably 1815 Day, A370.
Presumably 1815 Seated Lady with a Boy, A170.
Presumably 1815 Seated Lady, A168.
Presumably 1815 Seated Lady, A169.
Presumably 1815 - 1816 Maria Aleksejevna Narysjkina, A248.
Presumably 1815 - 1816 William Bentinck, A261. Marble bust at Welbeck Abbey, North Nottinghamshire.
Presumably 1815 - 1819 The Genii of Life and Death, A158.
Begun 1815 Hebe, A875.
1815 Catharina di Branciforte, A276.
1815 Georg Wilhelm Wilding, A275.
1815 Jelizaveta Aleksejevna Osterman-Tolstaja, A167.
Not earlier than 1815 Day, A902.
Not earlier than 1815 Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle, A733.
Not earlier than 1815 Night, A901.
Beginning of 1815 Priam Pleads with Achilles for Hector’s Body, A492.
1815 - October 1819 Jelizaveta Aleksejevna Osterman-Tolstaja, marble statue, The State Herimitage Museum, St. Petersburg (cf. A167).
Not later than 8.1.1815 Portrait Bust of Pietro Benvenuti, marble, 71 cm, today on Benvenuti’s tomb in San Lorenzo, Florence. Probably executed by Giovanni Antonio Santarelli.
18.1.1815 In the Teatro Argentina with Samuel Rogers and others.
6.5.1815 John Russell sends the first instalment of the payment for Briseis and Achilles, cf. A490, and Priam Pleads with Achilles for Hector’s Body, cf. A492.
Presumably summer 1815 Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, marble, Church of Brahetrolleborg, Funen, is shipped from Leghorn and arrives in Copenhagen in the autumn.
Summer 1815 Night, A369.
29.7.1815 Thorvaldsen and C.W. Eckersberg accompany Wilhelm Huth and his family together with Peder Malling and G.F. Hetsch, who are all leaving Rome, as far as La Storta just outside Rome.
Autumn 1815 Several of Thorvaldsen’s works are shown at Charlottenborg on the occasion of the coronation of Frederik 6.’s, among others Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, in marble and several portrait busts.
September 1815 J.L. Lund leaves Copenhagen on his way to Rome.
13.9.1815 Attends the funeral service of Virginio Bracci in San Marco Evangelista al Campidoglio.
3.10.1815 Jelizaveta Aleksejevna Osterman-Tolstaja commissions the relief Victoria garlands a Fallen Warrior. The relief is unknown today. The drawings C135r, C136, C197r and C204v are probably sketches related to the relief.
6.10.1815 Gives the painter C.W. Eckersberg a gold ring with a precious antique sapphire, with an engraving of Cupid and Bacchus, cf. A797.
10.10.1815 Encouraged by Edmund Bourke to participate in an open competition for the execution of a monument to fallen generals, but refuses.
10.10.1815 Goes on a short trip to Tivoli in the company of C.W. Eckersberg.
13.10.1815 Returns to Rome.
17.10.1815 Goes on a short trip to the towns of Albano and Ariccia near Rome in the company of C.W. Eckersberg.
22.10.1815 Returns to Rome.
4.11.1815 Elizabeth Cavendish visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop in order to see the Aeginetes. There, she meets Charles Robert Cockerell and Johan David Åkerblad.
14.11.1815 Thorvaldsen expands and rebuilds his studio in Vicolo della Catena/Vicolo delle Colonnette.
14.11.1815 - 1844 Workshops at 20 Vicolo delle Colonnette, Piazza Barberini, Rome. Today the street is called Vicolo Barberini.