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Autumn 1815

Several of Thorvaldsen’s works are shown at Charlottenborg on the occasion of the coronation of Frederik 6.’s, among others Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, in marble and several portrait busts.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated 20.11.1815 from Peder Malling to Thorvaldsen.
  • Letter dated 2.12.1815 from P.O. Brøndsted to Thorvaldsen.
  • Letter dated 5.12.1815 from Herman Schubart to Thorvaldsen.
  • NN [Peder Hjort]: ‘Om den af det kongelige Academie for de skiønne Konster aabnede Salon (Slutning)’, in: Athene, vol. 5, juli-december 1815, p. 366, 371-378 (review).

Other references

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