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1813 Caryatid, A55.
1813 Caryatid, A56.
1813 - 1816 Venus with the Apple, A916, reduced version of A12.
1813 - May 1816 Venus with the Apple, A12.
14.1.1813 Attends the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome but without Schubart’s presence.
9.3.1813 Thorvaldsen’s daughter Elisa is born probably on the 9th of March, the day after his Roman Birthday.
13.3.1813 The daughter Elisa Sophia Charlotte is baptized in San Marcello al Corso, Rome.
May - June 1813 P.O. Brøndsted returns to Rome.
May - July 1813 Thorvaldsen is taken ill with typhoid.
1.7.1813 Portrayed by Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein in Rome, (black chalk, 28×21,2 cm, Kupferstich-Kabinett, Dresden).
3.7.1813 C.W. Eckersberg arrives in Rome.
5.7.1813 C.W. Eckersberg moves into Casa Buti.
Not earlier than 9.7.1813 Leaves Rome heading for Montenero in the company of Herman Schubart. The dogs Perucca and Teverino are left in the care of Rudolf Schadow.
Middle of July 1813 Stays in Florence.
26.7.1813 Arrives at Montenero.
Not earlier than 17.8.1813 Travels to Bagni di Lucca (Baths of Lucca).
September 1813 The Dance of the Muses on Helicon, marble relief, cf. A341. Commissioned by Elisa Baciocchi in 1813, probably the copy made in 1829, location unknown.
September 1813 Giovanni Antonio Santarelli makes Thorvaldsen’s portrait in wax and later as a cameo for Sommariva.
September 1813 Models portrait bust of Pietro Benvenuti in Florence, location unknown. Marble version carved during 1814.
End of September 1813 Leaves Bagni di Lucca (Baths of Lucca).
End of September 1813 Travels to Florence at the invitation of Elisa Baciocchi in order to discuss commissions for works of art.
End of September 1813 The relief Virgil reads the Aeneid to Augustus, is commissioned by Elisa Baciocchi, probably never executed.
Not later than 16.10.1813 Returns to Montenero.
12.11.1813 Returns to Rome
25.11.1813 Dines at the house of the German officer Wilhelm Huth with the Danish architect Peder Malling, the German architect G.F. Hetsch and the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
31.12.1813 Celebrates New Year’s Eve at the house of the German officer Wilhelm Huth with the Danish architect Peder Malling, the German architect G.F. Hetsch, the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg and Baron Brown from Norway.