The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1813

Not earlier than 9.7.1813

Leaves Rome heading for Montenero in the company of Herman Schubart. The dogs Perucca and Teverino are left in the care of Rudolf Schadow.

Primary sources

  • Villads Villadsen: C.W. Eckersbergs dagbøger 1810-1837, København 2009, bd. 1, p. 87 (documents, that Eckersberg dined with Schubart 8.7.1813 in Rome. The earliest departure of Schubart and Thorvaldsen for Florence must have been the day after).
  • Letter dated 14.7.1813 from Carl Delmar to Thorvaldsen (relates that Thorvaldsen is expected to Florence within a few days).
  • Thiele II, p. 242 (Thiele writes incorrectly that Thorvaldsen went to Montenero in August).

Other references

  • J. Bloch: ‘To miskjendte Venner. Til Belysning af Forholdet imellem Olinto dal Borgo og Herman Schubart’, (offprint from Museum), Copenhagen 1890, p. 27.

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