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Presumably not later than 1817 Dancing Girl, A778.
Presumably not later than 1817 Shepherd Boy, A755, preparatory work for A177.
Presumably 1817 Henry Thomas Hope?, A266.
Presumably 1817 - 1818 Giovanni Battista Sommariva, A272.
Presumably 1817 - 1818 Giovanni Battista Sommariva, A273.
Presumably 1817 - 1818 Marie Louise Playdeux?, A310.
Begun 1817 - completed 1819 Thomson Henry Bonar, A893.
Begun not earlier than 1817 George Granville Leveson Gower, cf. A259, marble bust, location unknown.
1817 Bacchante, Nysø33.
1817 Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle, A44.
1817 The Graces, A30, preparatory model for the statue, A29, on which work then begins.
1817 Edward Divett, A263.
1817 George Granville Leveson Gower, A259.
1817 Harriet Frances Pellew, A309.
1817 Louisa Hope, A264.
1817 Thomas Hope, A298.
Not earlier than 1817 Adrian John Hope, A826.
Not earlier than 1817 Giovanni Battista Sommariva, A741.
Not earlier than 1817 Thomas Hope, A823.
January - June 1817 Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle, A45.
14.1.1817 The relief frieze The Life of Christ is commissioned in plaster by Crown Prince Ludwig 1. of Bavaria. The relief frieze, which was later commissioned in marble, is unknown today. The drawings C190, C191r, C191v, C193 and C194 may be drafts of the frieze.
20.1.1817 John Russell asks Thorvaldsen to complete Briseis and Achilles, cf. A490, and Priam Pleads with Achilles for Hector’s Body, cf. A492.
Not earlier than 20.1.1817 - not later than 1.5.1818 Georgiana Elizabeth Russell, cf. A173, is completed in marble. Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, England.
23.1.1817 Guillaume Bertrand-Favre commissions a marble version of Ganymede, cf. A43.
Spring 1817 Monument to Anna Maria Porro Serbelloni, A619.
Spring 1817 Nicolaus Esterházy, A293.
Spring 1817 Herman Schubart visits Thorvaldsen in Rome.
Spring 1817 Nicolaus Esterházy commissions Dancing Girl, cf. A178 and Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22, in marble.
Spring 1817 A group of Thorvaldsen’s friends and colleagues ask Henri Francois Brandt to execute a medal in honour of the sculptor. The medal, F1, shows Thorvaldsen’s portrait and the relief A genio lumen, cf. A518.
7.3.1817 Initial contact regarding the equestrian statue of Józef Poniatowski, cf. A123, A124, A125, A126, and A249.
Presumably 17.3. - 7.6.1817 Henri François Brandt, A241.
22.3.1817 Elected member of the Roman Academy of Archaeology.
29.4. - 20.5.1817 George Gordon Byron, A257.
2.5.1817 The Ponte Molle Society arranges a triumphal procession for Johann Martin von Wagner at a tavern outside Porta Salaria, Rome. Thorvaldsen is probably present.
3.5.1817 Monument to Thomas Maitland is commissioned (bust in plaster, A258, and relief, A600).
Not earlier than 20.5.1817 George Gordon Byron, A717.
25.5.1817 Thorvaldsen postpones his departure for Denmark owing to John Russel’ls commission.
Summer 1817 The Three Marys at the Tomb, relief, probably plaster, destroyed by Thorvaldsen. See D154 and the drawing C191r.
Summer 1817 Clemens Metternich orders Day, cf. A370, and Night, cf. A369.
Middle of June 1817 Departure for Siena and Florence. Accompanied to La Storta by friends, Anna Maria Uhden, and his daughter Elisa.
15.6.1817 Shows Caroline von Humboldt the marble sculptures from the temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina, that are being restored in a workshop near Piazza del Popolo and are almost finished.
Completed 5.7.1817 Dancing Girl, A178.
Autumn 1817 Consults Rasmus Emil Bruun and Albrecht Schønberg about his tuberculosis.
6.9.1817 Tsar Alexander 1., who is also King of Congress Poland, approves the placement of a planned equestrian statue of the Polish General Józef Poniatowski in the Saxon Garden (Ogród Saski), which still exists behind the Saxon Castle (Pałac Saski) in central Warsaw.
Completed October 1817 Shepherd Boy, A177.
Not earlier than October 1817 Shepherd Boy, cf. A177, cast in bronze by Jollage & Hopfgarten. The statue was bought by Friedrich Wilhelm 3., present location unknown.
2.11.1817 Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, is inaugurated in the church of Brahetrolleborg, Funen with songs by B.S. Ingemann and a speech by Børge Henrik Knap.
December 1817 Giovanni Battista Sommariva visits Thorvaldsen in his studio.
31.12.1817 Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, A505, is commissioned in marble by Giovanni Battista Sommariva.
31.12.1817 Introduced to Frances Mackenzie.
End of 1817 The Goddess of Hope, A47.