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Presumably 1823 Baptismal Angel, A111, preparatory work for A110.
Presumably 1823 - 1826 Sheperd Boy, cf. A177, marble version, City Art Gallery, Manchester.
Begun 1823 - completed 1827 Jude Thaddeus, A94.
Completed 1823 Andrew, A95, is modelled by Joseph Hermann after a sketch by Thorvaldsen.
Completed 1823 Bartholomew, A99, is modelled by Carlesi after a sketch by Thorvaldsen, A100.
Completed 1823 James the Less, A91, is modelled either by Angelo Bienaimé or Francesco Bienaimé, after a sketch by Thorvaldsen, A92.
Completed 1823 Philip, A93, is modelled by Ferdinand Pettrich after Thorvaldsen’s bozzetto.
Completed 1823 Simon Zelotes, A101, is modelled by Emil Wolff after a sketch by Thorvaldsen, A102.
Completed 1823 Giuseppe Pacetti models a version of John after Thorvaldsen’s sketch. It is first rejected but then re-used as Jude Thaddeus, which is also rejected in 1827.
1823 Cupid by Anacreon, Winter, A415.
1823 Cupid Triumphant, Examining his Arrow, A24, reworked version of A22.
1823 Trading Post by the River, cf. A510, is modelled as an extension of Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, cf. A503, for Christiansborg Castle.
Not earlier than 1823 Cupid by Anacreon, Winter, A416, reworked version of A415.
Not earlier than 1823 Cupid by Anacreon, Winter, A827.
25.1.1823 Franz Erwein von Schönborn commissions marble version of Sheperd Boy, cf. A177, with panpipe at his left foot and marble versions of Cupid with a Swan and Boys picking Fruit, Summer, cf. A411, Cupid and Bacchus, Autumn, cf. A413, and Cupid by Anacreon, Winter, cf. A415.
28.1.1823 - 15.7.1823 The architect Jacques-Ignace Hittorff and the painter and architect Ludwig Zanth (1796-1857) are in Rome and move into the fourth floor of Casa Buti at the suggestion of Karl Joseph Begas’.
30.1.1823 Attends a commemoration for Antonio Canova in the church of Santi Apostoli in Rome.
3.2.1823 Celebrates Carnival with P.O. Brøndsted.
6.2.1823 Awarded the Russian Order of St. Vladimir, N25.
9.3.1823 Probably attends the celebration of his daughter, Elisa Paulsen’s tenth birthday.
28.3.1823 Thorvaldsen is shot accidentally by the young Cesare Buti and wounded in the side and a finger.
29.4.1823 Party of artists to celebrate Thorvaldsen’s recovery from an accidental shot.
Not later than 9.5.1823 Executes a sketch for an oil lamp formed as a statuette of a vestal virgin for
Franz Erwein von Schönborn.
12.5.1823 Elected member of the Accademia Tiberina in Rome.
26.5.1823 P.O. Brøndsted gets a loan of 2,000 Roman scudi from Thorvaldsen. By way of security, Thorvaldsen gets Brøndsted’s collection of Greek and Roman coins and a collection of books and manuscripts.
June 1823 P.O. Brøndsted, on his way to Paris, visits Giovanni Battista Sommariva at Villa Carlotta, where he visits the hall for The Alexander frieze.
2.6.1823 Christian (8.) Frederik recommends H.W. Bissen to Thorvaldsen.
20.8.1823 Pius 7. dies. Thorvaldsen is present at the deathbed. He draws the Pope’s face and perhaps also models a death-mask, L660.
November 1823 Ercole Consalvi commissions a monument to Pius 7. for St. Peter’s (sketch A148).
November - December 1823 Baptismal Angel, A110.
Not earlier than December 1823 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, A781, preparatory work for A112.
20.12.1823 Elected foreign member of the Institut de France / Acadèmie Royale des Beaux-arts. A member was equipped with a uniform, N173, a hat, N174, and a sword, N175.
End of December 1823 The Italian student of sculpture Tommaso Gasperini arrives in Rome and becomes Thorvaldsen’s pupil.