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Not later than 1827 J.C. Dahl, jf. A229, completed in marble. Bergen Art Museum.
Presumably 1827 Venus and Cupid, A919.
Presumably 1827 - 1828 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, A112.
Presumably 1827 - 1838 Unknown, A305.
Begun 1827 Victoria, A48.
1827 Triumphant Muse and Cupid, A49.
1827 Triumphant Muse and Cupid, A50.
1827 Caroline Amalie, A164.
1827 Eugène de Beauharnais, A156.
1827 The first version of Jude Thaddeus (completed 1823) is rejected and replaced by A94.
1827 Marble version of Christ, cf. A82, and Pius 7., cf. A270, carved by Pietro Bienaimé in Carrara.
2.1.1827 N.C.L. Abrahams visits Thorvaldsen, who tells him about his relationship with Antonio Canova.
Presumably 25.1.1827 Invited to buy the Roman Palazzo Giraud-Torlonia in Via della Conciliazione (formerly called Palazzo Castellesi).
2.2.1827 Awarded the title of Commander of the Order of the Württemberg Crown by Wilhelm 1., N14.
Not later than 4.2.1827 Marble version of Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, completed for a church in Iceland, maybe in two copies, one of which may have been sold to the 2nd Earl of Caledon, Du Pré Alexander.
20.2. - 26.2.1827 A farce written and played by Ferdinand Flor and N.C.L. Abrahams is performed in front of the German-Scandinavian colony of artists during the Roman carnival. At the end of the play, the Genius of Art presents Thorvaldsen with a laurel wreath.
27.2.1827 The last day of the carnival is celebrated with a dinner given by N.C.L. Abrahams and Nicolai Gerson with the Persiani family, Carsten Hauch, Thorvaldsen, and others.
6.3.1827 Receives a commission for a sketch of a monument to Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri for Campo Santo in Pisa, plus a relief, A613, and a portrait medallion of Vaccà Berlinghieri.
8.3.1827 Danish and German artists celebrates Thorvaldsen with a torch light procession and an orchestra on his Roman birthday. The party is held in his apartment in Casa Buti.
April 1827 Christian 8.’s table decoration is exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.
Beginning of April 1827 Thorvaldsen arranges a party for German and Danish artists at the Villa Albani in Rome in recognition of the tribute paid to him 8.3.1827. Also present are Joseph Anton Koch, the Riepenhausen brothers, Johann Martin von Wagner, Johann Christian Reinhart and others.
9.4.1827 Sketch for Bacchante and a Satyr, cf. A355, on a ticket from Accademia di S. Luca, C363b.
Middle of April 1827 Farewell party for Carsten Hauch, the evening before his departure from Rome. The party took place in Thorvaldsen’s rooms in Casa Buti.
Beginning of May 1827 Ludwig 1. arrives in Rome and is fêted with a torchlight procession and singing by German and Scandinavian artists and others. N.C.L. Abrahams takes part, and Thorvaldsen probably does also.
4.5.1827 Ludwig 1. visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop. In the evening, invited to Ludwig 1.’s banquet.
24.5.1827 N.C.L. Abrahams leaves Rome in the company of Nicolai Gerson.
Summer 1827 The cast of Józef Poniatowski, cf. A123, is declared ready for shipment.
Beginning of September 1827 The merchant ship Therese leaves Copenhagen bound for Tunis with a cargo of tributary gifts for Al-Husayn II ibn Mahmud.
Not later than 4.9.1827 Karoline von Rehfues, A245, is commissioned and modelled.
Not later than October 1827 Composition drawing of the monument to Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri, location unknown.
Begun 6.10.1827 - presumably October 1831 Karoline von Rehfues, A861.
28.10.1827 The merchant ship Therese arrives in Tunis with a cargo of tributary gifts for Al-Husayn II ibn Mahmud.
November 1827 - June 1831 Line drawings for engravings of Thorvaldsen’s sculptures are executed by H.W. Bissen and Dietrich Wilhelm Lindau. The engravings are for J.M. Thiele’s biography of Thorvaldsen.
17.11.1827 Pietro Tenerani and Thorvaldsen have a disagreement about their cooperation on the monument to the Duke of Leuchtenberg, cf. Eugène de Beauharnais, A156, and The Genii of Life and Death, A157.
18.11.1827 - 31.10.1829 Pietro Tenerani is involved in a lawsuit with Thorvaldsen.
28.11.1827 - 14.12.1827 The merchant ship Therese arrives at Leghorn 28.11.1827 and is quarantined until 14.12.1827.
21.12.1827 - 4.1.1828 Freund travels from Rome to Leghorn with 64 crates with Thorvaldsen’s art works on board the ship L’Anime del Purgatorio. Freund continues his own journey through Paris to Denmark.
31.12.1827 Awarded the Accademia Tiberina’s medal for 1827.