The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1827

November 1827 - June 1831

Line drawings for engravings of Thorvaldsen’s sculptures are executed by H.W. Bissen and Dietrich Wilhelm Lindau. The engravings are for J.M. Thiele’s biography of Thorvaldsen.

Primary sources

  • Letters of 11.10.1827, 27.12.1827 and 3.6.1828 from H.W.Bissen to J.M. Thiele. Manuscript Department, “The Royal Library”, NKS 1540 2°. (see: Haavard Rostrup, Billedhuggeren H.W. Bissen 1798-1868, Copenhagen 1945, Part 1, p. 82.)
  • Letter dated 27.6.1831 from H.W. Bissen to J.M. Thiele.
  • J.M. Thiele, Den danske Billedhugger Bertel Thorvaldsen og hans Værker, vol. I-IV, Copenhagen 1831, 1832, 1848 og 1850. (The engravings, executed after the drawings of H.W. Bissen, are printed in the additional four volumes).

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