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The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1829 Eliza Glenorchy?, A268.
Presumably 1829 John Campbell?, A303.
Presumably 1829 - 1830 Monument to Charles Drake Garrard and Wife, A620.
Begun 1829 Marianna Florenzi, A727.
1829 The Genius of Death for the Monument to Wlodzimierz Potocki, A627.
1829 Monument to Vaccà Berlinghieri, cf. A613, and the portrait medallion of Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri are executed in marble for Campo Santo, Pisa.
1829 Youth Leading a Horse, A512.
1829 Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia, A277.
1829 Vilhelmine, A195.
1829 Caroline von Humboldt’s marble version of The Goddess of Hope, cf. A47, arrives in Berlin. Today at Schloss Tegel, Berlin.
1829 Henry Labouchère commissions a colossal statue of Achilleus, which probably is not executed.
1829 Rembrandt Peale portrays Thorvaldsen (oil on canvas, 66×45 cm, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia).
Not earlier than 1829 The Genius of Death for the Monument to Wlodzimierz Potocki, A626.
Beginning of 1829 Artur Potocki, A291.
Not later than 25.1.1829 Charles Benet Drake Garrard commissions Monument to Charles Drake Garrard and Wife, cf. A620.
28.1.1829 Frederik 6.’s birthday is celebrated by the Danes living in Rome.
Not later than 5.2.1829 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, cf. A112 og Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, are cast in plaster and shipped to Denmark.
7.2.1829 At the theatre Argentina with Karl August Nicander. Learns that Pope Leo 12. is on his deathbed.
18.2.1829 Ludwig 1. of Bavaria visits Thorvaldsen in his studio and awards him the title of Commander of the Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown, N10, with the words: “The soldier is honoured on the battlefield, but the artist among his works”.
Presumably 24.2. - 25.2.1829 Part of Thorvaldsen’s collection of coins and books is stolen from Casa Buti. He discovers the theft some days later. The thief was C.H. Lorenzen.
Spring 1829 Alexander Murray commissions Napoleon Bonaparte, cf. A909.
March 1829 Caroline von Humboldt dies in Berlin.
March - September 1829 The Dance of the Muses on Helikon, marble relief, cf. A341. Probably occasioned by Elisa Baciocchi’s commission in 1813, location unknown.
31.3.1829 Thorvaldsen’s “museum” opens as part of the recently renovted Antiksal at Charlottenborg.
Not earlier than April 1829 The cast of Józef Poniatowski, cf. A123, is sent from Gdansk to Warsaw, after which the bronze casting is begun.
3.4.1829 Grand Duchess Helene of Russia most probably visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop in the afternoon.
Begun 7.4.1829 - completed 11.4.1829 Helene is modelled, A247.
6.5.1829 Honorary member of The National Academy of Design, New York.
11.5.1829 Józef Poniatowski, bronze, cf. A123, is unveiled in Warsaw.
20.5.1829 A copy of Hope, executed by Friedrich Tieck for Caroline von Humboldt’s funerary monument, is unveiled.
22.5.1829 A committee led by John C. Hobhouse commissions the statue George Gordon Byron, cf. A130.
7.6.1829 The Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen is consecrated Whitsunday.
26.6.1829 Receives, through Torlonia, the first instalment (2,000 scudi) of the 9,000 Roman scudi that Christian (8.) Frederik borrowed from Thorvaldsen in 1821.
August 1829 Alexis de Chateauneuf commissions a bronze relief for a funerary monument.
1.8.1829 Awarded the title of Commander of the Order of Dannebrog.
8.10.1829 Receives, through Torlonia, the second instalment (2,000 scudi) of the 9,000 Roman scudi that Christian (8.) Frederik borrowed from Thorvaldsen in 1821.
Not later than 22.10.1829 The monument to Leuchtenberg (Eugène de Beauharnais) (original models A156 and A157) arrives in Munich.
24.11.1829 The Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop with his colleague Antoni Edward Odyniec, Marynia Zaleska and Zinaida Aleksandrovna Volkonskaia.
18.12.1829 Elected foreign honorary member of the Accademia dei Filergiti in Forli.