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Begun 1834 Horace Vernet, A253.
1834 Children Praying, for the Monument to Artur Potocki, A628.
1834 Luke, A577.
1834 Mark, A576.
1834 Bronze versions of the reliefs Hovering Angels (A590 and A591) are placed at the high altar of the Basilica di S. Gaudenzio, Novara.
Not earlier than 1834 Bacchante and a Satyr, A354.
1834 - 1838 Leonardo Fibonacci, A187.
1834 - 1838 Leonardo Fibonacci, A722.
1.1.1834 His grandson Alberto is born.
1.1. - 8.1.1834 Nemesis attended by the Genii of Punishment and Reward, A364, for Heinrich Mylius’ funerary monument to his son Julius.
2.1.1834 His grandson Alberto is baptized in St. Peter’s. Charlotte Frederikke is godmother and Thorvaldsen and Luigi Chiaveri godfathers.
8.1.1834 H.C. Andersen visits Thorvaldsen, who encourages him. Andersen gives his poem The Dying Child to the sculptor.
15.1.1834 Thorvaldsen is about to fall from a scaffold during the modelling of the horse for the monument to Maximilian 1. (A128).
24.1.1834 Elected member of the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genoa.
28.1.1834 Frederik 6.’s birthday is celebrated by Princess Charlotte Frederikke and the Danes living in Rome. Thorvaldsen is probably present.
February 1834 Gives up his plans for returning to Denmark this winter.
Begun 3.2.1834 - completed 28.6.1834 The statue for the monument Johann Gutenberg, A114. Clay model for the plaster cast, cf. A117 is executed by H.W. Bissen under Thorvaldsen’s supervision.
11.2.1834 Frederik 6. approves Thorvaldsen’s donation of his own works and collections to Denmark.
March - May 1834 Walter Scott, cf. A255, marble, 58 cm, National Galleries of Scotland.
8.3.1834 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by the Society of Danish Romans at Christianshavns Borgerdydsskole without the sculptor’s presence. 31 men attend. A song by Christian Winther and a song to Thorvaldsen by F.C. Hillerup are sung.
29.3.1834 Walks with H.C. Andersen in Rome.
31.3.1834 Says goodbye to the departing H.C. Andersen, writes a greeting in his album, and shows him Nemesis attended by the Genii of Punishment and Reward, A364.
18.4.1834 Elected honorary member of the Accademia dei Filomati di Scienze, Lettere e Belle Arti in Lucca.
Summer 1834 Hunter on a Horse, A646.
Summer 1834 Huntress on a Horse, A647.
2.8.1834 H.W. Bissen leaves Rome.
Autumn 1834 G.F. Hetsch drafts a proposal for the conversion of the ruins of the Marble Church into a museum dedicated to Thorvaldsen.
23.10.1834 Receives a visit from Martinus Rørbye and Ditlev Blunck.
26.10.1834 Is godfather to Adam Gottlob Moltke-Huitfeldt’s (1798-1876) son, Vladimir von Moltke-Huitfeldt (1834-1894), in the German Protestant chapel, Palazzo Caffarelli, Rom.
1.12.1834 Visits Horace Vernet’s workshop in the company of Peter Wulff and Martinus Rørbye.
Not later than 18.12.1834 Monument to the two Poninski Children, A617, prepatory work for A616.