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Presumably 1840 - 1841 Participates in popinjay shooting at The Royal Shooting Range in the company of Crown Prince Frederik (7.) and others. Is presented with the order of The Royal Shooting Society the day before, N88.
1840 Head of Jeanina Emilie Stampe as Psyche, Nysø74, preparatory work for A174.
1840 Minerva and Prometheus, A323, reduced version of A319.
1840 Christian 8.s Coronation Medal, A711.
January - April 1840 Occasional trips from Nysø to Copenhagen in order to attend to his works for the Church of Our Lady.
January - June 1840 The Entry into Jerusalem, The Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen, enlarged version of A559, started by H.E. Freund.
January - June 1840 Christ on the Road to Calvary, The Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen, enlarged version of A560, executed by Andreas Kolberg and Gotthelf Borup under Thorvaldsen’s supervision.
1.1.1840 The Genius of the New Year, A548.
11.1.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen on the occasion of Frederik 6.’s funeral. However, Thorvaldsen does not attend due to a bad foot.
15.1.1840 Watches the funeral procession for Frederik 6. from a window at Charlottenborg with, among others, Christine Stampe.
16.1.1840 Frederik 6. is entombed in Roskilde Cathedral.
18.1.1840 Christian 8. commissions a statue of Christian 4., cf. A152, for Roskilde Cathedral.
18.1.1840 Thorvaldsen pays tribute to Christian 8. six weeks after his accession to the throne. Thorvaldsen excuses himself on the plea that he has been at Nysø and also had a bad foot.
21.1.1840 Proposal for a monument to Frederik 6. in Jutland is published in Aarhus Stiftstidende. The proposal gives rise to a long discussion in newspapers in Jutland.
28.1.1840 Probably attends the funeral ceremony at the university for the late Frederik 6.
31.1.1840 Receives a visit from the Danish painter C.W. Eckersberg.
31.1.1840 From Copenhagen to Nysø.
February - March 1840 Stays frequently in Copenhagen.
Presumably 5.2.1840 Gathering in Borups Selskab.
12.2.1840 Gathering in Borups Selskab.
13.2.1840 At 2 pm Christian 8. and Caroline Amalie visit Thorvaldsen’s studio at Charlottenborg to see his latest works from Nysø.
17.2.1840 Decides that C.F. Wilckens is to be engaged as attendant in the museum after Thorvaldsen’s death.
24.2.1840 Receives a visit from C.W. Eckersberg and pays 200 rix-dollars more in advance for the painting Thorvaldsen’s arrival in the Copenhagen roadstead, September 17th 1838, B217.
Presumably spring 1840 Cupid and Psyche, A450.
Spring 1840 Cupid and Hymen, A452, the subject reused on the medal F25.
8.3.1840 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated in Copenhagen. On Christine Stampe’s initiative he receives a Pompeian-inspired suite, N106-N119, with embroideries executed by 30 women.
21.3.1840 Elected member of the Kungliga Akademien för de fria konsterna in Stockholm.
31.3.1840 Attends Akademiforsamlingen (The Fellows of the Academy of Fine Arts) on the day of the foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
20.4.1840 Diana and Jupiter, A345.
20.4.1840 From Copenhagen to Nysø in order to celebrate Christine Stampe’s birthday.
24.4.1840 Hygiea and Cupid, A373 – also called Love and Health.
29.4.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen with the Stampe family. Return to Nysø shortly after.
30.4.1840 Christian 8. inspects the progress of the statue of Christian 4., cf. A152.
Presumably May 1840 The Head of Christian 4., Nysø9a, preparatory work for A152.
Presumably May 1840 Johann Wolfgang Goethe, A140, alteration of A139.
Not later than May 1840 Cupid and Hymen, A453.
Not later than May 1840 Receives a commission for a monument to Napoleon 1., which, however, is not executed.
May 1840 Christian 4., plaster, Nysø9, sketch for A152.
4.5.1840 Is godfather to N.C.L. Abrahams’ søn, Albert Peter Carl Abrahams (1839-1909), in Garnison Church, Copenhagen.
19.5.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen with the Stampe family.
22.5.1840 Participates in the celebration of Christian 8. and Caroline Amalie’s silver wedding.
Summer 1840 Attends a party at H.N. Clausen’s country house Søbakken on the Sound near Tårbæk. Salomon Ludwig Steinheim was also present.
Presumably June 1840 - March 1841 Satyr Dancing with a Bacchante, A357.
Presumably June 1840 - March 1841 Satyr Dancing with a Bacchante, A358.
4.6.1840 From Copenhagen to Nysø.
Not later than 24.6.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen on the occasion of Christian 8.’s coronation.
24.6.1840 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
28.6.1840 Does not participate in the coronation of Christian 8. in Frederiksborg Chapel, allegedly because problems with dress regulations.
28.6.1840 Dinner at the home of Laurids Fog Muus (1795-1856) and Christiane Muus (1802-1859) instead of participating in the coronation.
End of June 1840 Several meetings with the Steffens family, once during an excursion to the Round Tower.
2.7.1840 From Copenhagen to Nysø.
13.7. - 16.7.1840 Henrich Steffens, A633.
13.7. - 16.7.1840 Heinrich Steffens and his family stay at Nysø for three days with Grundtvig, Oehlenschläger and Sibbern.
Not earlier than 25.7. - not later than 30.7.1840 A.C.T. Neubourg takes a daguerreotype of Thorvaldsen; the first portrait photograph in Scandinavia, N267.
Not later than 27.7.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen.
27.7.1840 Attends a meeting at the Academy of Fine Arts.
28.7.1840 Receives a commision for a monument to Frederik 6. for Skanderborg Palace Mound.
30.7.1840 From Copenhagen to Roskilde in order to be attend the assembly of the Estates of the Realm for some days in the company of the Stampe family. From here probably to Nysø.
Presumably August 1840 In preparation for their planned journey to Italy in September 1840, Christine Stampe and Thorvaldsen burn many of his papers and letters.
Presumably August 1840 Supports a marine painter, probably Anton Melbye, who is represented in the collections with B263 and B264.
August 1840 Plans going to Italy in September, 1840.
6.8.1840 Copenhagen City Council stops the construction of Thorvaldsens Museum because of G.N. Sibbern’s claim that the design of the building was not solid enough.
Not earlier than 6.8.1840 Travels to Copenhagen prompted by the cessation of the building of the museum by the Copenhagen municipality.
Completed not later than 26.8.1840 Conrad Hinrich Donner, A242.
26.8.1840 Meeting with F.C. Olsen regarding a list of the works executed by Thorvaldsen since his return to Denmark 17.9.1838.
27.8.1840 From Copenhagen to Nysø in the company of Christine Stampe.
27.8.1840 Celebrates Holger Stampe-Charisius’ birthday at Nysø.
29.8.1840 Copenhagen City Council withdraws its protest dated 6.8.1840 against continuing the building of Thorvaldsens Museum. However, part of the construction had already been resumed a couple of days before.
September 1840 Sketches models for Andrew, Nysø32, and probably for Judas Thaddaeus, location unknown. Neither used for the statues A108 and A105.
9.9.1840 Postpones the planned journey to Italy until the spring of 1841 at the request of Christian 8., who in turn has been prompted by Christine Stampe.
14.9.1840 Accompanies Jens Arenholt Gottfred Hartmann and Wilhelm Matthiä to the Custom House, from where the steamboat to Lübeck leaves. The same evening in the Royal Theatre.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Christine Stampe, Nysø105, preparatory work for Nysø38.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Elisa Stampe, Nysø106, preparatory work for Nysø38.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Henrik Stampe the Younger, Nysø109, preparatory work for Nysø39.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Henrik Stampe the Elder, Nysø108, preparatory work for Nysø39.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Holger Stampe, Nysø107, preparatory work for Nysø39.
Beginning of October 1840 Head of Jeanina Stampe, Nysø104, preparatory work for Nysø38.
3.10.1840 Christian 8. and Caroline Amalie pay a one-day visit to Præstø and Nysø in order to see Thorvaldsen and his statue of himself, Nysø1. A party for 60 persons at Nysø.
4.10.1840 Party given by the Moltke family at Bregentved, attended by Christian 8., Caroline Amalie, the Stampe family, and others.
Completed 5.10.1840 Thorvaldsen with the Stampe family, Nysø38.
Completed 10.10.1840 Henrik Stampe and two sons, Nysø39.
Middle of October 1840 Brief stay in Copenhagen, then return to Nysø.
15.10.1840 Thorvaldsen’s putative illegitimate daugther Nicoline Marie Berggren is born in Copenhagen.
November - December 1840 Head of Camel Driver, Nysø90, preparatory work for A553.
November - December 1840 Head of a Woman, Nysø88, preparatory work for A553.
November 1840 - 26.1.1841 Rebecca and Eliezer, A553.
Beginning of November 1840 Cupid on a Swan, A421.
Completed 12.11.1840 Jeanina Emilie Stampe as Psyche, A174.
Completed 17.11.1840 Hans Holsten, A213.
19.11.1840 Thorvaldsen’s birthday is celebrated at Nysø with songs, poems, a lottery, and a performance of Johan Herman Wessel’s play Love without Stockings. Besides Thorvaldsen and the residents of the house, A.C. Petersen, Nicolai Søtoft, August Beck, Johan Ferdinand de Neergaard and Just Mathias Thiele are also present.
23.11.1840 Travels from Nysø to Copenhagen accompanied by Just Mathias Thiele.
Not later than 26.11.1840 Arrives at Nysø from Copenhagen.
26.11.1840 Christian 8. sees the original plaster model of Christian 4., cf. A152.
Not earlier than 26.11.1840 Christian 4., A152, is cast in bronze and chased by Jørgen Dalhoff.
30.11.1840 Cupid on a Swan, A422.
Not earlier than 7.12.1840 Sees August Bournonville’s ballet The Toreador at the Royal Theatre again.
Not later than 8.12.1840 Travels from Nysø to Copenhagen.
9.12.1840 Is godfather to Ludvig Müller’s son, Peter Erasmus Müller (1840-1926), in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen.
12.12.1840 Goethe-kommissionen trækker sig fra samarbejdet med Thorvaldsen om et monument for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
End of 1840 Refuses to pay the tax on rank and titles. Christian 8. complies with Thorvaldsen’s demand.