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Not later than 1845 Young Dancing Girl, A180, completed after Thorvaldsen’s death by an unknown artist after A181.
Presumably 1845 - 1846 Minerva, cf. A17, executed under the supervision of H.W. Bissen.
1845 - 1854 Cupid Triumphant, Examining his Arrow, A23, carved by Johann Scholl after A24.
20.4.1845 Skibet Dania sejler fra Livorno lastet med bl.a. flere støbeforme til Thorvaldsens værker.
18.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. is taken by Christian 8. to visit, among other things, the Church of Our Lady, Thorvaldsen’s coffin, and Thorvaldsen’s Museum.
19.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. commissions a marble copy of one of Thorvaldsen’s works, A602, A29, or A32, from H.W. Bissen. It is not known whether the work was carried out.
19.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. is taken by Christian 8. to see, among other things, several of Thorvaldsen’s works in a special exhibition at Charlottenborg.
21.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. is taken by Christian 8. to see, among other things, those works by Thorvaldsen which are in storage in the Supplies Building on Slotsholmen.
24.6.1845 Scandinavian students’ meeting in Copenhagen with the participation of students from Uppsala, Lund, Oslo, and Copenhagen. The Church of Our Lady is visited, J.P.E. Hartmann plays the funeral march from Thorvaldsen’s funeral 30.3.1844 and other pieces. In the Christ hall in Thorvaldsens Museum, the guests are received with a song performed by Danish artists.
31.7.1845 The memorial column to Frederik 6. with bust and four reliefs (cf. A191, A604, A605, A606, A607) is unveiled on Skanderborg Palace Mound. 30.000 people are present including Christian 8., crown prince Frederik (7.) and prince Ferdinand.