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Presumably 1842 Two Children, Nysø10, after A68.
1842 Day, A906.
1842 Head of an Angel, A908.
1842 Head of a child, Nysø83, preparatory work for A589.
1842 The Entry into Jerusalem, A574.
1842 Night, A905.
1842 Pietro Alberto Paulsen as a Hunter’s Boy, Nysø55, preparatory work for A175.
1842 Abolition of Villeinage, Nysø27, sketch for A604.
Not earlier than 1842 Omphale, Nysø56.
Beginning of 1842 The Fligth into Egypt, A571.
1842 - 1843 The Establishment of Provincial Consultative Chambers, A605.
1842 - 1844 Cupid and Hymen, A451.
Presumably January 1842 Sketches for four prophets for the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Ezekiel, C1087, Daniel, C1089, Isaiah, C1090, and Jeremiah, C1092.
January 1842 Drawings of two Angels of the Last Judgement, C1015r and C1017, meant for the entrance to a cemetery.
Presumably January 1842 - March 1842 Andrew, A108.
January - March 1842 Illness in the Stampe family, especially Elise Stampe .
1.1.1842 Excursion to Fontana dell’Aqua Acetosa at Ponte Molle with the Stampe family and H.P. Holst.
Completed 1.1.1842 The Adoration of the Shepherds, A570.
7.1.1842 Giacomo Giustiniani asks Thorvaldsen to resume his sculpture teaching at the Accademia di S. Luca – the request is, however, declined.
8.1.1842 The Ponte Molle Society celebrates Thorvaldsen’s “second” arrival in Rome 12.9.1841 in a big party in Palazzo Fiano, Piazza di San Lorenzo, in Rome. He is placed on a throne, the artists pay tribute to him with lights and song, and he is presented with the bajocco order, N91, of the society.
19.1.1842 Celebrates Karl von Kolb’s birthday at a soirée in Rome.
22.2.1842 Probably attends an evening party hosted by the American consul George Washington Greene.
Spring 1842 Controversy with August Riedel about a version of the painting Sakuntala.
Spring 1842 Controversy about the packing of Thorvaldsen’s works and belongings with Johan Bravo, who is dismissed from the job.
Spring 1842 Meets the painter Penry Williams and John Gibson.
Spring 1842 Attends a party given by Ferdinand Hiller.
March 1842 - 10.4.1842 Jude Thaddeus, A105.
7.3.1842 Disagreement with Pietro Galli, who moves out of Thorvaldsen’s apartment in Casa Buti. Thorvaldsen and C.F. Holbech moves in. Galli stops working for Thorvaldsen.
8.3.1842 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated with dinner given by Karl von Kolb in Rome with the participation of the Stampe family.
11.3.1842 Celebrates Elise Stampe’s 18th birthday after her recovery from serious illness.
Completed 20.3.1842 The Annunciation, A569.
End of March 1842 Sees the Girandola / fireworks over Castel Sant’Angelo at the home of Alessandro Torlonia. Meets Alexandre Dumas père.
End of March 1842 Thorvaldsen and Christine Stampe burn “a lot of old things” in the sculptor’s Roman home – probably papers, drawings, etc.
April - May 1842 Besøg i Villa Wolkonsky hos Zinaida Volkonskaia.
April - May 1842 Henrik Stampe forlader Rom på egen hånd og efterlader sin hustru, Christine Stampe og sine tre børn. Sandsynligvis som følge af et ægteskabeligt opgør.
2.4.1842 Christian Dalgas arrives in Rome with his wife, Louisa Salvetti. Thorvaldsen accompanies them on excursions.
20.4.1842 Presents Christine Stampe with a bronze version of Christ, a Ganymedes in marble and a drawing for her birthday.
24.4.1842 Attends the celebration of Christian Dalgas’ birthday in Rome.
28.4.1842 Celebrates the coming of spring with the Ponte Molle Society at the Cervaro Caves, approximately 8 kilometres north east of Rome. Is awarded the Vielzuvielverdienstorden of the society, N92.
End of April 1842 Ludwig 1. arrives in Rome and stays at Villa Malta. Thorvaldsen receives him.
Presumably May 1842 Ludwig 1. admires the bust Christine Stampe (cf. A217).
May 1842 Jesus as a Child in the Temple, A572.
May 1842 Christine Stampe, A217.
May 1842 Often invited to dinner with Ludwig 1., who also pays frequent visits to his workshops.
May 1842 - 23.6.1842 The Graces with Cupid’s Arrow, and Cupid Playing a Lyre, A32, reworked version of A29.
Presumably 1.5.1842 At a charity tombola in the Villa Borghese with Christine Stampe. There he meets Ludwig 1.
5.5.1842 Excursion to Torre di Quinto with Franz Ludwig Catel and the Stampe family.
Summer 1842 Reminded of the commission for a model of an equestrian statue of Ludwig 1., which, however, is not executed.
June 1842 In Rome, Thorvaldsen receives five crates with plaster models of works executed in Denmark that are to be carved in marble.
2.6.1842 Excursion to Albano, Genzano and Nemi with, among others, the Stampe family and C.F. Holbech.
4.6.1842 Alessandro Torlonia holds a celebration in Villa Torlonia in Rome on the occasion of the erection of an obelisk in the park of the villa. Among those present, besides Thorvaldsen, are Ludwig 1., Gregor 16., Byron’s mistress Teresa Guiccioli (1801-1873) and the Stampe family.
6.6.1842 Christine Stampe, her children and servants leave Rome in their coach, bound for Denmark.
6.6.1842 Dinner with Karl von Kolb.
10.6.1842 Christine Stampe, her children and servants arrive at Leghorn on their journey from Rome to Copenhagen. They stay with Stampe’s brother, Christian Dalgas.
16.6.1842 Awarded the order Pour le Mérite by Friedrich Wilhelm 4.
19.6.1842 Christine Stampe, her children and servants leave Leghorn bound for Milan on their journey back to Denmark.
19.6.1842 Visit from the painter Ferdinand Flor and the cameo engraver Tommaso Saulini.
21.6.1842 Approves a block of marble for The Graces with Cupid’s Arrow, and Cupid Playing a Lyre, cf. A32.
22.6.1842 Dinner with Alessandro Torlonia, visits Karl von Kolb in the evening.
23.6.1842 Visit from Ludwig Ross.
24.6.1842 Visit from Constantin Hansen and Peter Raadsig.
24.6.1842 Dinner party at the home of J.M. von Wagner.
26.6.1842 Visit from the sculptor B.E. Fogelberg and the painter G.W. Palm (1810-1890).
26.6.1842 Excursion to Torre di Quinto with Johan Bravo and C.F. Holbech.
26.6.1842 Visits Vincenzo Camuccini in the evening.
28.6. - 29.6.1842 Excursions in Rome to see, among others things, the Girandola fireworks with Antonio Savorelli.
29.6. - 3.7.1842 Repairs damaged plaster models, sent from Copenhagen, among others Christ at Emmaus, cf. Nysø18, and Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Statue of Hope, cf. Nysø1.
1.7.1842 Dinner with Kolb.
4.7.1842 Evening party with tombola at Thorvaldsen’s place in Casa Buti.
7.7.1842 Sees Carlo Goldoni’s (1707-1793) comedy Il Ventaglio in the afternoon, and Romeo and Juliet in the evening.
8.7. - 12.7.1842 Completes the marble version of Monument to the two Poninski Children (cf. A616). Subsequently erected in the Palace Chapel in Czerwonogród. Now in L’viv Art Gallery, Ukraine.
9.7.1842 Receives Penry Williams’ painting A shepherd boy and a girl in the Roman Campagna, in the background Aqua Claudia, B101.
11.7.1842 Visits Vincenzo Camuccini.
11.7. - 22.7.1842 Thorvaldsen’s collection of paintings in Casa Buti are packed for transport for Copenhagen.
12.7.1842 Evening party with tombola at Thorvaldsen’s place in Casa Buti.
12.7.1842 Honorary member of The Icelandic Literary Society in Reykjavik.
13.7.1842 Evening party at the house of the director of the French Academy, Jean-Victor Schnetz.
17.7.1842 Visit from Wilhelm Matthiä and Albert Küchler.
17.7.1842 Large dinner party with artists and diplomats on Monte Mario. Later at Castel Sant’Angelo with C.F. Holbech.
19.7.1842 Evening party with tombola at Thorvaldsen’s place in Casa Buti.
24.7.1842 Excursion to Frascati, Tusculum and San Silvestro with Johan Bravo, Johann Martin von Wagner, C.F. Holbech and Jens Arenholt Gottfred Hartmann.
31.7.1842 Party at the house of Antonio Savorelli.
31.7.1842 Thorvaldsen “poses the model” for the pupils at the Accademia di S. Luca.
7.8.1842 Evening party at the house of Count Antonio Savorelli.
9.8.1842 Begins The Baptism of Christ, A573.
23.8.1842 Thorvaldsen’s belongings are transported to the Ripa Grande harbour in Rome.
Not later than September 1842 Angel of the Last Judgement, A593.
Not later than September 1842 Angel of the Last Judgement, A594.
Not later than September 1842 Angel of the Last Judgement, A595.
September 1842 The crates with Thorvaldsen’s works and belongings are sent to Leghorn.
26.9.1842 The frigate Thetis arrives at Leghorn to transport Thorvaldsen, his works of art and his household effects to Copenhagen.
29.9.1842 All the crates with Thorvaldsen’s works and other goods are loaded onto the frigate Thetis at Leghorn.
Presumably 30.9.1842 Frederikke Wallick visits Thorvaldsen in Rome, and they agree to travel from Civitavecchia to Leghorn together.
End of September 1842 Thorvaldsen suffers from rheumatic pains in his right hip.
1.10.1842 Departs from Rom for the last time bound for Civitavecchia, accompanied by Karl von Kolb.
2.10.1842 The frigate Thetis departs from Leghorn bound for Copenhagen with Thorvaldsen’s works and belongings, but without Thorvaldsen himself.
2.10.1842 Leaves Civitavecchia at 3 p.m. on board the steamship Maria Christina bound for Leghorn. He is in the company of Frederikke Wallick as previously arranged.
3.10.1842 Reaches Leghorn one day after the frigate Thetis has left for Denmark. Continues with the steamship Maria Christina to Marseilles instead in the company of Frederikke Wallick.
4.10.1842 On her way from Leghorn to Marseille, the steamship calls at Genoa.
5.10.1842 Arrives in Marseille.
5.10.1842 Spends the afternoon and the evening with Frederikke Wallick at the home of her friend, one Madame de Salle in Marseille.
7.10.1842 Departure from Marseille by stagecoach to Lyon.
7.10.1842 The keystone in the vaulted ceiling of the hall in Thorvaldsen’s Museum is placed.
9.10.1842 Arrives at Lyon. Leaves the same day after a few hours’ sleep, bound for Strasbourg via Dijon.
Presumably 11.10.1842 Arrival Strasbourg by stagecoach.
12.10.1842 Travels by river steamer from Strasbourg to Mannheim on the Rhine.
12.10.1842 Supper and room at the Hotel de L’Europe, Mannheim.
13.10.1842 Departure very early in the morning from Mannheim to Mainz by steamship. From there on to Frankfurt am Main, probably also by boat.
13.10.1842 Takes rooms at the Gasthaus zum römischen Kayser, Frankfurt am Main. Meets several acquaintances, among them Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz, who gives a large party to Thorvaldsen in his home from 6 to 8.30 pm.
13.10.1842 Travels by stagecoach from Frankfurt am Main to Kassel at 9 p.m.
14.10.1842 Arrives at Kassel by stagecoach and takes rooms at the hotel zum König von Preussen.
15.10.1842 Departure from Kassel by stagecoach, arrival Hannover the next morning. The journey goes through Göttingen, where town officials invite Thorvaldsen to spend a day there, but in vain.
16.10.1842 In the evening, leaves Hannover by stagecoach to go to Altona via Celle, Harburg and Hamburg. From Celle in the company of Johanna and Salomon Ludwig Steinheim.
17.10. - 22.10.1842 Arrives in Altona, and stays at the hotel Zum Holsteinischen Hause.
18.10.1842 Celebrated in Altona by a singing society of about 40 people.
18.10.1842 Party at the home of Johanna and Salomon Ludwig Steinheim in Altona.
19.10.1842 Celebrated by the singing society Allgemeinen Altonaer Liedertafel with a song, a speech, and illuminations during his stay in Altona. About 200 people are present.
Presumably 20.10.1842 Large party at the house of Johanna and Salomon Ludwig Steinheim in Altona.
21.10.1842 A deputation of about 50 people appear at the hotel Zum Holsteinischen Hause in Altona to take leave of Thorvaldsen before his departure for Copenhagen.
22.10.1842 Travels by stagecoach from Altona / Hamburg to Kiel at 5 o’clock in the morning.
22.10.1842 Sails from Kiel on board the steamship Frederik den sjette. P.W. Forchhammer tries in vain to persuade Thorvaldsen to stay for a day in Kiel.
23.10.1842 The steamship Frederik den sjette anchors at Vordingborg due to bad weather.
23.10.1842 The daughters of G.F. Hetsch and C.W. Eckersberg decorate Thorvaldsen’s studio with wreaths on the occasion of his approaching return.
24.10.1842 Arrives in Copenhagen between 5 and 6 p.m. on board the steamship Frederik den sjette in the company of Frederikke Wallick. He is received by J.M. Thiele, Hermann Ernst Freund, H.N. Clausen, Christine Stampe and Elisa Paulsen, Fritz Paulsen, their children, J.F. Schouw. among others.
24.10.1842 Dinner party given by Susette and J.F. Schouw at Charlottenborg. Among those present are: the Stampe family H.N. Clausen, Birgitte Francisca Clausen (1797-1875) and N.L. Høyen.
25.10.1842 Thorvaldsen visits Thorvaldsen’s Museum for the first time. The museum is decorated with garlands and members of the students’ choral society sing H.P. Holst’s Mellem disse mure (Between these high walls).
25.10.1842 Dinner party given by Christian 8. at Sorgenfri with, among others, Just Mathias Thiele.
26.10.1842 Dinner party at the home of Elisa and Fritz Paulsen.
27.10.1842 Dinner party at the home of Susette and J.F. Schouw.
28.10.1842 Visits the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
End of October 1842 Donates 25,000 rix-dollars to the museum for the carving of marble versions, pedestals, etc.
1.11.1842 The frigate Thetis arrives in Copenhagen from Leghorn with parts of Thorvaldsen’s art works, his collection and other belongings.
9.11.1842 Receives the visit of the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
17.11.1842 Arrives at Nysø for the first time after his return from Italy.
19.11.1842 Celebrates his birthday at Nysø with, among other things, a song by Henrik Stampe.
Completed 25.11.1842 Three Genii, A153, after the device of Christian 4., executed at the suggestion of G.F. Hetsch.
26.11.1842 Arrives at Charlottenborg from Nysø Saturday evening.
27.11.1842 Becomes godfather to C.C. Zahrtman’s daughter, Wanda Sophie Elisabeth Candia Zahrtmann (1842-1916), at 38 Bredgade, Copenhagen.
End of November 1842 Suffers from pain in his legs after the home journey.
Not later than 2.12.1842 Buys Adam Müller’s still unfinished painting Christ and The Evangelists, B276.
3.12.1842 Receives the visit of the painter C.W. Eckersberg. Suffers from a bad leg.
Completed 12.12.1842 The Abolition of Villeinage, A604.
24.12.1842 Oehlenschläger celebrates Christmas with Thorvaldsen and the family Stampe at Nysø.
Completed 24.12.1842 Christmas Joy in Heaven, A589.
27.12.1842 The ship, Die gute Hoffnung, is stranded, carrying works by Thorvaldsen, which are all rescued.