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Presumably not later than 1841 Shepherd Boy, cf. A177, marble version with a panpipe at his left foot completed. Location unknown.
Presumably 1841 Achilles and Patroclus, A493.
1841 Andrew, A109, preparatory work for A108.
1841 Jude Thaddeus, A107, preparatory work for A105.
1841 A Woman’s Head, A814, relief fragment of Satyr Dancing with a Bacchante, A358.
1841 Buys Emilius Bærentzen’s Portrait of the actress Johanne Luise Heiberg, B205.
1841 - 1844 Cupid’s Head, A806.
1841 - 1844 Cupid’s Torso, A805.
1841 - 1844 Cupid’s Wing, A807_
1841 - 1844 Foot with Ankle, A809.
1841 - 1844 Psyche’s Head, A808.
Completed 3.2.1841 Leda and the Swan, A423.
Completed 10.2.1841 Christ and the Woman of Samaria, A568.
Not later than 18.2.1841 Cupid and the Sleeping Psyche, A428.
Not later than 18.2.1841 Psyche and the Sleeping Cupid, A429.
March 1841 The Genius of Light, A519.
3.3.1841 Member of the Academia de Bellas-Artes de Lisboa, Lisbon.
Not later than 5.3.1841 Head of Hans Madsen, Nysø103, preparatory work for A603.
Not later than 5.3.1841 Head of Johan Rantzau, Nysø102, preparatory work for A603.
Completed 5.3.1841 Hans Madsen and Johan Rantzau, A603.
Completed 8.3.1841 Jesus as a Child in the Temple, A567.
Middle of March 1841 Short stay in Copenhagen.
18.3.1841 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg and the clergyman and writer Carsten Friis Wiborg (1813-1885).
21.3.1841 Receives a visit from the painter C.W. Eckersberg, Lise and Jette Bagge, and the unidentified “Miss Baier”.
18.4.1841 Attends Elise Stampe’s confirmation at Susette and J.F. Schouw in Copenhagen.
20.4.1841 Harmony, drawing for Christine Stampe’s birthday, possibly C1160.
20.4.1841 Attends the celebration of Christine Stampe’s birthday in Copenhagen.
End of April 1841 Preparatory to the journey to Rome Christine Stampe and Thorvaldsen burn many of his papers and letters, “which it would be better to burn” – according to the sculptor.
Middle of May 1841 Short stay in Copenhagen.
18.5.1841 Farewell dinner with Christian 8. at Sorgenfri Castle before his journey to Rome.
19.5.1841 Travels from Copenhagen to Nysø accompanied by Susette Schouw.
19.5.1841 Om eftermiddagen på Nysø i selskab med bl.a. J.P. Mynster.
23.5.1841 Justice, Nysø31.
24.5.1841 Cupid and Psyche, Nysø47, also called “Goodbye to Nysø”.
25.5.1841 Departure from Nysø Msy 25, 1841, C1063.
25.5.1841 Begins his journey to Rome with Christine Stampe and her family. Rides in his own carriage with coachman Niels Rasmussen.
Farewell ceremony on Præstø harbour. With the royal steam boat Kiel to Warnemünde. On board the captain Peter Wulff, Henriette Wulff, C.W. Eckersberg, G.F. Ursin, Carl Dahl, and C.F. Wilckens.
25.5.1841 Honorary member of the society Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.
26.5.1841 Takes leave of C.W. Eckersberg, G.F. Ursin, Carl Dahl, Henrik Stampe junior and C.F. Wilckens in Warnemünde.
27.5.1841 Arrival at Neustrelitz.
27.5.1841 Visits the Court at Neustrelitz. Meets the author Christian Winther.
28.5.1841 Departure from Neustrelitz at 7 a.m.
29.5.1841 Arrival in Berlin.
29.5.1841 In the afternoon, visits the Tiergarten in Berlin in the company of H. Steffens. In the evening, in the opera to see Lucia de Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848).
30.5.1841 Meets with a deputation from the Kunstverein in Berlin and presents his latest works by the means of line engravings.
At 12 o’clock a concert with the pianist and composer Fanny Hensel.
30.5.1841 Visits Friedrich Wilhelm 4. at Schloss Schönhausen in the evening; also present are H. Steffens, C.D. Rauch and A.W. Schlegel. Dinner at the house of H. Steffens and then goes to the theater to watch Oberon written by Carl Maria von Weber (1786–1826).
31.5.1841 Dinner at the home of the sculptor Ludwig Wilhelm Wichmann. Friedrich Tieck is present.
Beginning of June 1841 Sees Consul Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Wageners (1782-1861) collection of paintings in company with the art historian G.F. Waagen. Accidentally exchanges hats with Wagener, who keeps his hat as a treasure.
Beginning of June 1841 Visits the architect Wilhelm Stier.
Beginning of June 1841 Once again visits Fanny and Wilhelm Hensel. Thorvaldsen is portrayed by Wilhelm Hensel.
Beginning of June 1841 Visits artists’ studios and collections in Berlin. Visits Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Beginning of June 1841 Travels by train for the first time from Berlin to Potsdam with the Stampe family and Heinrich Steffens.
Beginning of June 1841 Dinner at the home of Mathilde von Waldenburg.
Beginning of June 1841 Meets the writer and artist Bettina von Arnim.
3.6.1841 Banquet with Berlin artists and scientist in the Jagorscher Saal in Unter den Linden. A portrait bust of Thorvaldsen is crowned with laurels by the statue of Victoria by Christian Daniel Rauch. Speeches and poems are performed. Present are Peter von Cornelius, August Wilhelm Schlegel and others.
4.6.1841 Meets Wilhelm Dorow in Berlin.
5.6.1841 Thorvaldsen is portrayed by four artist in one sitting – Eduard Magnus, Wilhelm Hensel, B437, Franz Krüger og Karl Joseph Begas in the latter’s studio in Berlin.
6.6.1841 At 6 in the morning, Thorvaldsen again poses for Franz Krüger’s portrait at the home of Karl Joseph Begas.
6.6.1841 Visits the castles at Potsdam – Sanssouci and Glienicke – with the Steffens family. Meets children of the Royal Family, and Princess Charlotte of Hessen Kassel (1789-1864). Continues towards Dresden.
6.6.1841 Leaves Berlin.
9.6.1841 Arrives in Dresden, stays at the Hôtel de France.
9.6.1841 Meets J.C. Dahl and sees Mozart’s Don Giovanni in the recently inaugurated court theatre in Dresden.
10.6.1841 Dinner with J.C. Dahl is interrupted in favour of a visit to Friedrich August 2. of Saxony at Schloss Pillnitz.
10.6. - 13.6.1841 Christine Stampe presents the sculptor Ernst Rietschel with a lock of Thorvaldsen’s hair.
10.6. - 13.6.1841 Visits several art collections in Dresden in the company of J.C. Dahl.
Presumably 11.6.1841 Dinner with the Saxon minister Bernhard von Lindenau (1779-1854) on Brühl’s Terrace in Dresden.
12.6.1841 Dinner at the house of the banker Martin Wilhelm Oppenheim (1781-1863) in the Villa Rosa, desined by the architect Gottfried Semper (1803-1879). Among those present is the banker’s son-in-law, August Grahl.
12.6.1841 In the evening, a gala performance in the Court Theatre in Dresden, hosted by Friedrich August 2. of Saxony, with an epilogue in Thorvaldsens’s honour. Subsequent banquet at the theatre.
13.6. - 21.6.1841 Spends a week with Friederike and major Serre at the Maxener Schloss in Maxen near Dresden together with J.C. Dahl and Raden Saleh.
14.6.1841 Meets Ernst von Brunnow in Dresden.
15.6.1841 Excursion from Maxen to the Königstein Fortress in Saxony. Meets the commandant of the fortress and minister for war, Johann Adolf von Zezschwitz (1779-1845). A cannonade is fired in Thorvaldsen’s honour.
From there to Pirna, where the night is spent.
16.6.1841 From Pirna to the romantic Bastei rock formation. From there return to Maxen.
17.6.1841 Cupid and Psyche, relief, original plaster, Skulpturensammlung, Dresden (cast Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek).
17.6.1841 Elected honorary member of the Kunstverein München.
17.6.1841 At Maxen Thorvaldsen is portrayed twice: First in a painting begun by Raden Saleh and finished by J.C. Dahl, B467; then in another portrait painted solely by Raden Saleh.
20.6.1841 Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein portrays Thorvaldsen at Maxen (pencil, 35×24 cm, Kupferstich-Kabinett, Dresden).
21.6.1841 Leaves Maxen for Dresden early in the morning.
21.6.1841 Meets Franz Pettrich in Dresden.
21.6.1841 Travels by train from Dresden to Leipzig in the company of the Dahls and the Serres. Stays at the inn Stadt Hamburg. Is received by a cheering crowd and musicians.
Visits the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
22.6.1841 Visits the Schlettersche Galerie and Heinrich Brockhaus’ printing house.
Later in Wilhelm Gerhard’s garden by the river Elster, close to the place where Józef Poniatowski was drowned.
22.6.1841 Attends a “musical celebration” at 1 o’clock p.m., arranged by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, followed by dinner at the Hôtel de Saxe in Leipzig.
22.6.1841 Leaves Leipzig.
Presumably 23.6.1841 Stays overnight at Weimar.
25.6.1841 The Russian Grand Duke Konstantin (1827-1892), son of Nikolaj 1., visits the absent Thorvaldsen’s studio in Rome.
27.6.1841 Arrives in Frankfurt am Main. Portrayed by Johann Heinrich Schramm (1810-1865).
28.6.1841 Celebration with artists from Frankfurt, hosted by Charlotte Gontard, and arranged by Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz. A poem and a speech by Friedrich Hessemer are recited in Thorvaldsen’s honour.
29.6.1841 Travels from Frankfurt am Main to Mainz.
29.6.1841 Moves into lodgings in Mainz, arranged by Jakob Kraetzer, in a house on the bank of the Rhine.
In the evening, a torch procession and music in his honour.
30.6.1841 Visits the flower decorated Gutenberg Monument, cf. A114, accompanied by the president of Rheinhessen Ludwig Christian Christoph von Lichtenberg. A large crowd cheers and sings to Thorvaldsen.
Visits the cathedral in Mainz.
30.6.1841 Dinner in Mainz with President von Lichtenberg.
1.7.1841 Visits the antiquarian museum in Wiesbaden in the morning with Jakob Kraetzer. Returns to Mainz the same day.
1.7.1841 The city of Mainz gives a dinner in Thorvaldsen’s honour at the city hall. Receives the freedom of the city (diploma, N35). Gala performance at the Stadttheater. Cheered from the balcony of the theatre by a large crowd in Gutenbergplatz. Both the square and the Gutenberg-statue are lit by torches. Songs and poems are performed.
2.7.1841 Trip by steamship up the Rhine from Mainz to St. Goar near the Lorelei with Georg Christian Strecker (1800-1874), Ludwig Christian Christoph von Lichtenberg, Johann Heinrich Schramm and others.
Back the same day. In the evening a concert in Neue Anlage – today Stadtpark in Mainz.
3.7.1841 Travels from Mainz. Is briefly accompanied by Ludwig Christian Christoph von Lichtenberg.
3.7. - 5.7.1841 Brief stay at Mannheim. Is shown around by Jakob Götzenberger.
Continues to Karlsruhe via Schwetzingen.
Presumably 5.7. - 6.7.1841 Brief stay at Bad Wildbad with Christine Stampe’s friend.
6.7.1841 Arrival in Stuttgart. Lodges at König von England at Schillerplatz.
6.7.1841 Visits the Schiller-monument, cf. A770. Meets Georg von Reinbeck and other members of Verein für Schiller’s Denkmal. The statue and the square are lit by torches, and a choir sings in Thorvaldsen’s honour.
7.7.1841 A deputation from the Stuttgart town government welcomes Thorvaldsen and invites him to attend celebrations in the coming two days.
7.7.1841 Excursion from Stuttgart.
7.7. - 9.7.1841 Visits several sights in Stuttgart and the surrounding country, among them Joseph Anton Gegenbaur’s frescoes in Neues Schloss, Schloss Rosenstein, and the mausoleum to the royal family of Württemberg in Rotenberg with two statues of evangelists after Thorvaldsen’s sketch.
8.7.1841 The Court at Württemberg gives a party in Thorvaldsen’s honour in the pump room at Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart.
9.7.1841 The city council of Stuttgart gives a party in Thorvaldsen’s honour at the resort of Silberburg. He receives the freedom of the city, cf. N37. A song for the sculptor is sung.
He is escorted back to his hotel by a torchlight procession.
10.7.1841 Travels from Stuttgart.
11.7.1841 Brief stay at Ulm. In the cathedral, Thorvaldsen is recognized. A chorus comes and sings for him.
12.7.1841 Short stop in Augsburg. Visits a church and an art collection guided by Andreas Eigner (1801-1870).
13.7.1841 Arrives in Munich and immediately visits Maximilian 1., cf. A128, in the Wittelsbacherplatz.
13.7.1841 Receives many visitors, among others, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling.
Visits Ludwigskirche. Later Don Carlos at the opera.
14.7.1841 Visits the royal palace Munich Residenz.
Middle of July 1841 Visits the bronze caster Stiglmaier, Schwantaler, Heideck, and others. Also a visit to Leo von Klenze’s Glyptothek.
15.7.1841 Grand celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour in the society “Die Zwanglosen” in Munich, attended by F.W.J. Schelling, and artists and scientists. Many poems to Thorvaldsen is read.
16.7.1841 Dinner with Therese af Sachsen-Hildburghausen.
17.7.1841 Informed of his honorary membership of the Kunstverein München.
17.7.1841 Awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael, N11.
19.7.1841 Celebrated by young artists from Munich at a party in Knorr’s beer cellar in Marsfeld. Poems and a play are performed.
20.7.1841 Om formiddagen audiens hos kronprins Maximilian (2.) i München.
21.7.1841 Farewell party with Danish artists residing in Munich, e.g. Wilhelm Marstrand and Frederik Ludvig Storch (1805-1883).
22.7.1841 Travels from Munich to Hohenschwangau, where Thorvaldsen calls on the Bavarian Royal Family.
Presumably 24.7. - 25.7.1841 Travels through Lindau to Friedrichshafen. From here crossing the Bodensee by boat.
Presumably 25.7.1841 Arrives in Konstanz by boat. Travels on right away.
26.7.1841 Passes through Schaffhausen and sees the Rhine Falls. Onwards to Zürich.
Presumably 27.7.1841 From Zürich to Goldau.
Presumably 28.7.1841 Up the Rigi, NysøC.
Presumably 28.7.1841 Climbing Mount Rigi, from (Arth-)Goldau, with an overnight stop on the mountain.
Presumably 29.7.1841 Down the Rigi, by boat to Lucerne. Visits Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119.
30.7.1841 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour in Lucerne, at the Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119 music is played, and torches are lit.
Presumably 1.8.1841 Leaves Luzern by steamboat on the Vierwaldstättersee. Arrives in Flüelen.
Presumably 1.8. - 2.8.1841 Crosses the St. Gotthard pass.
Presumably 3.8.1841 Arrives in Lugano. Crosses the Lake Lugano per boat. From here onwards to Como.
Presumably 4.8.1841 Arrives in Milan.
4.8.1841 A board is formally elected to attend to the business of the commission for a monument to Frederik 6. in a general meeting at Skanderborg.
Presumably 5.8. - 7.8.1841 During his stay in Milan, Thorvaldsen sees the Brera Art Museum and visits several artists, among others Giovanni Servi. Dines with Heinrich Mylius in Milan and at his country house at Sesto San Giovanni.
Presumably 7.8.1841 Departs from Milan.
9.8.1841 Arrives at Genoa.
Presumably 12.8. - 14.8.1841 Stays at Carrara for three days.
Presumably 13.8. - 14.8.1841 Visits the marble quarries in Carrara and Seravezza.
Presumably 15.8. - 31.8.1841 Stays at Leghorn at Christian Dalgas. Excursions to Montenero.
Autumn 1841 Jude Thaddeus, A106, preparatory work for A105.
Autumn 1841 The Days of the Week Dancing, C1046 and C1111 (sketch for C1046) and The Days of the Week Dancing, C1047.
Presumably 1.9.1841 Travels from Leghorn to Pisa.
2.9.1841 Arrival in Florence.
Not earlier than 2.9. - not later than 4.9.1841 Thorvaldsen visits the American sculptor Hiram Powers’ in his studio in Florence.
2.9. - 3.9.1841 Meets the merchant Alfred Hage (1803-1872) and his family in Florence. Invites for dinner.
2.9. - 4.9.1841 Visits engraver Luigi Bardi, who gives Thorvaldsen a print of Rafael’s Transfiguration, engraved by Raphael Morghen, E839.
2.9. - 4.9.1841 Dinner at the home of Pietro Benvenuti.
3.9.1841 Party hosted by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II (1797-1870).
4.9.1841 Leaves Florence.
Presumably 8.9. - 9.9.1841 Passes through Perugia and Asissi. Sees Johann Friedrich Overbeck’s fresco Frants’ Rosenunder, 1829, in Santa Maria degli Angeli near Assisi.
12.9.1841 Reaches La Storta, Rome, and is welcomed by Danish, German, Italian, and Russian artists, etc. Is also welcomed by a deputation at Ponte Molle, and presumably presented with the bajoccoorder of the Ponte Molle Society, N89.
12.9.1841 Lodged in an apartment in Via di Capo le Case 75 close to Casa Buti with the Stampe family.
Visits Elisa Paulsen.
Not earlier than 12.9.1841 Daily visits from the painters Albert Küchler, Constantin Hansen, Adam Müller and the writer H.P. Holst.
13.9.1841 Received in the Accademia di S. Luca.
13.9.1841 Thorvaldsen shows the Stampe family round Rome. Dinner at the home of Karl von Kolb.
Presumably 15.9.1841 Is received in his workshop by his assistants. A bust of Thorvaldsen, crowned with a laurel wreath, is presented, and an unidentified assistant recites a poem in the sculptor’s honour.
18.9.1841 Celebrates Christian 8.’s birthday at Karl von Kolb’s. Also Jeanina Stampe’s birthday is celebrated.
19.9.1841 Celebration of Thorvaldsen’ return to Rome in Teatro Fiano, attended by international artists there. Thorvaldsen is carried in a torchlight procession to his home in Via Sistina.
28.9.1841 Visits the Pantheon with the Stampe family. Climbs the dome.
29.9.1841 Vincenzo Camuccini presents Christine Stampe with Luigi Durantini’s drawn copy of Camuccini’s portrait of Thorvaldsen, NysøL.
29.9.1841 Attends the public art and craftsman examinations in Ospizio di San Michele. Meets here Vincenzo Camuccini and Alexandra von Dietrichstein.
End of September 1841 Visits the painter Carl Werner.
9.10.1841 H.W. Bissen and his family arrive in Rom.
9.10.1841 Excursion to Albano, Castel Gandolfo, Ariccia, Genzano and Nemi ith the Stampe family and others.
Not earlier than 10.10.1841 Thorvaldsen and Christine Stampe show Emilie Bissen, née Møller, (married to H.W. Bissen) round Rome.
31.10.1841 Godfather to Heinrich Eddelien’s son Viggo Thorvald Eddelien, in the German Protestant Chapel in Palazzo Caffarelli, Rome. Party in the evening for all Danes in Rome.
Presumably November 1841 Visits J.F. Overbeck and sees the cartoon of Beweinung Christi, St. Marien zu Lübeck.
November 1841 Thorvaldsen is ill.
November 1841 Thorvaldsen and Christine Stampe burn “quite a few” of the sculptor’s “old things” in his rooms in Rome – probably letters and drawings.
Middle of November 1841 Moves into his own apartment in Casa Buti from the rented rooms in which he has stayed since his arrival in Rome 12.9.1841.
19.11.1841 Celebrates his birthday with dinner at the home of Elisa and Fritz Paulsen. Later Danish artists perform H.P. Holst’s comedy The Fairy Felic’idea, written for the occasion, in the Roman apartment of the Stampe family.
18.12.1841 Topping-out ceremony at Thorvaldsen’s Museum.
23.12.1841 - 13.1.1842 Ludvig Müller goes to Rome with his mother and his sister to care for his sick brother, Adam Müller. He carries a letter from Christian 8. to Thorvaldsen.
24.12.1841 Christine Stampe holds a Christmas celebration for Thorvaldsen and a number of Danish artists, among them H.P. Holst, Küchler, Breinholm, Jerichau, Holbech, Petersen, Adam Müller, Constantin Hansen, Peter Raadsig, Jespersen, Bravo, Thøming and Henrik Stampe.
24.12.1841 H.P. Holst gives Thorvaldsen a modelling tool for Christmas.
24.12.1841 Portrayed by Henri Lehmann in Rome (pencil, 18,4×13,2 cm, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt).
24.12.1841 Gives Christine Stampe the drawing Mary with Jesus and John, NysøG, for Christmas.