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Travels by train from Dresden to Leipzig. Stays at the inn Stadt Hamburg. Is received by a cheering crowd and musicians.
Visits the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Primary sources

  • Notice dated 9.7.1841 in Bornholms Avertissements-Tidende.
  • Hans Schulz & Adolf Weigel: Thorwaldsen in Dresden und Leipzig 1841, Leipzig 1916, p. 9, note 2 (mentions that the historical society of Leipzig has had an inscription painted next to the entrance of Stadt Hamburg in memory of Thorvaldsen’s visit) and p. 12 (mentions the date of arrival).
  • Rigmor Stampe (ed.): Baronesse Stampes Erindringer om Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen 1912, p. 124-125.
  • Thiele IV, p. 160.

Other references

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