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Date Events Whereabouts Works
1835 Lyre, A708.
1835 The Genius of Poetry, A526.
1835 Receives a visit from the French author Alexandre Dumas père during the latter’s journey through Italy.
1835 - 1836 Charlotte Dorothea Fischer, A871.
1835 - 1846 Thorvaldsen’s “Pre-Museum” at Christiansborg Palace.
Presumably completed January 1835 Horace Vernet paints Portrait of Thorvaldsen modelling the bust of Vernet, B95.
28.1.1835 Frederik 6.’s birthday is celebrated by Danes in Rome. A song by Ludvig Bødtcher is sung.
31.1.1835 Attends Horace Vernet’s farewell party in the Palazzo Ruspoli. Vernet is fined 100 scudi for breaking the fast.
Beginning of February 1835 Horace Vernet leaves Rome.
18.2.1835 Possibly at the theatre to see Wilhelm Christoph Leonhard Gerhard’s play Der Jahrmarkt zu Borgo di Trastullo.
8.3.1835 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by the Cociety of Danish Romans at Christianshavns Borgerdydsskole without the sculptor’s presence. 45 men attend. A song about Rome and Thorvaldsen by H.C. Andersen and two songs by F.C. Hillerup are sung.
18.3.1835 Awarded honorary citizenship of Mainz, cf. N35. Does not receive the diploma until his visit to the city 1.7.1841.
April 1835 The marble version of George Gordon Byron, cf. A130, arrives in London.
20.4.1835 Elected honorary member of the Accademia Aretina di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Arezzo.
27.4.1835 Signs a contract with Helena Poninska for the Monument to the two Poninski Children, cf. A616.
Beginning of May 1835 The frigate Bellona leaves Copenhagen.
Summer 1835 Friedrich Schiller, A138, preparatory work for A770.
8.6.1835 The frigate Bellona reaches Leghorn.
9.7.1835 The frigate Bellona leaves Leghorn bound for Copenhagen, carrying Thorvaldsen’s works.
20.7.1835 Honorary member of the Società Petrarchina di Scienze e Belle Arti in Arezzo.
Autumn 1835 Monument to the two Poninski Children is begun, cf. A616 and A917.
Autumn 1835 The Judgement of Solomon, A554.
September 1835 The Resurrection, A561.
5.9.1835 The frigate Bellona arrives in Copenhagen with some of Thorvaldsen’s works.
9.9.1835 Formanden for Schiller-foreningen udtrykker glæde over Karl von Kolbs beskrivelse af den færdige skitse til Schiller-statuen, A138.
End of October 1835 The Danish merchant Hans Puggaard arrives in Rome with his wife, the painter Bolette Puggaard, and his daughter Marie. Together with a young relative, they spend six months in the city – often in Thorvaldsen’s company.
1.11.1835 Receives a visit from the Puggaard family.
2.11.1835 Shows the Puggaard family round his studios, where work is being done on Maximilian I., A128.
Gathers roses in his garden for Marie and Bolette Puggaard.
5.11.1835 Evening party at the house of the Puggaard family in Via degli Avignonesi.
Presumably 23.11.1835 Aftenselskab hos familien Puggaard. Møder her Constantin Hansen, der lige er ankommet til Rom.
Presumably winter 1835 - 1836 Restores the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in the Campidoglio.
Not earlier than December 1835 - not later than February 1836 Thomas Dyke Acland and Lydia Elizabeth, neé Hoare (1786-1856) acquire or are given two terracotta reliefs of Night , cf. A369, and Day, cf. A370, as a remembrance of their stay in Rome. The reliefs are still in the library of the Ackland family’s former home Killerton House, Devon, England.
13.12.1835 Attends an evening party at the house of the Puggaard family, along with the German painters Joh. Christian Reinhart and Franz Ludwig Catel. The daughter of the house Marie serves pancakes.
22.12.1835 Elected member of the Koninklijk Instituut van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam.
24.12.1835 Celebrates Christmas with the other Danes in Rome, among them the Puggaard family, the painters Jørgen V. Sonne, who made the Christmas porridge, Ditlev Blunck and Fritz Petzholdt.
End of 1835 Marble version of Nemesis Attended by the Genii of Punishment and Reward, cf. A364, is completed and placed in Julius Mylius’ chapel in Loveno.