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Presumably the 1830s Psyche and Mercury, A432, probably part of the series of reliefs, A433-A448, modelled by Pietro Galli.
Presumably the 1830s Unknown, A284 (probably John O’Brien ).
Presumably the 1830s Unknown, A287.
The 1830s Flower Girl, A184, possibly connected with Young Dancing Girl, A180, A181 and A182.
Presumably 1830 Victoria, A360.
Presumably 1830 Victoria, A710.
Presumably 1830 Napoleon Bonaparte, A252.
Presumably 1830 Napoleon Bonaparte, A909.
1830 Victoria, A359.
1830 Victoria, A361.
1830 Victoria, A362.
1830 Victory, A363.
1830 George Gordon Byron, A133, preparatory work for A130.
1830 Completes the monument to Wlodzimierz Potocki, in Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, with the relief The Genius of Death for the Monument to Wlodzimierz Potocki, A626.
Not earlier than 1830 Napoleon Bonaparte, A732, finished under the supervision of H.W. Bissen.
Not earlier than 1830 Napoleon Bonaparte, A867.
Beginning of 1830 Completes the marble version of Monument to Johann Philipp Bethmann-Hollweg, cf. A615,1, A615,2 and A615,3, Frankfurt am Main.
Beginning of 1830 The monument to Leuchtenberg (Eugène de Beauharnais), cf. A156, is erected in St. Michael’s Church in Munich.
1830 - 1832 Maximilian 1., A127, preparatory work for A128.
8.1.1830 Probably attends a musical soirée given by the Manzini family.
Not earlier than 16.1.1830 H.W. Bissen resumes work for Thorvaldsen after an illness.
18.1.1830 Receives a written request from H.W. Bissen for the loan of the bust of Christian (8.) Frederik to be executed in marble (cf. A753 og A197), commissioned by Joseph Hambro.
22.1.1830 Leaves Rome bound for Munich in the company of the Prussian count, jurist, and diplomat Karl von Voß-Buch.
26.1.1830 Arrival at Florence on the way to Munich.
30.1.1830 Design for a monument to Friedrich Schiller commissioned by Verein für Schiller’s Denkmal.
31.1.1830 Leaves Florence for Munich.
31.1.1830 Elected honorary member of the Academia et Universitas Vilnensis, Vilnius.
Presumably 11.2.1830 Passes Innsbruck.
14.2.1830 Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri’s monument is unveiled in Campo Santo, Pisa, without Thorvaldsen’s attendance.
14.2.1830 Arrives in Munich. Lodges in the apartment of Christian Daniel Rauch at Odeonsplatz nr. 1068.
14.2.1830 Visits the bedridden Ludwig 1. immediately after his arrival in Munich.
15.2. - 13.3.1830 Besøger maleriudstilling af lokale kunstnere i Kunstverein München.
16.2.1830 Besøger dronning Therese af Bayern.
17.2.1830 Deltager i hofbal i München.
18.2. - 2.3.1830 Negociations and drawing up of a contract for a monument to Maximilian 1., cf. A128, between Thorvaldsen and Leo von Klenze.
19.2.1830 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour in the hall of Paradiesgarten in Munich.
22.2.1830 Til middag hos Augusta Amalia von Leuchtenberg.
27.2.1830 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour with artists and professors, given by the vice-chancellor of the university Friedrich Thiersch.
Spring 1830 A plaster cast of Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, is exhibited in the spring exhibition of Charlottenborg as catalogue number 165: Baptismal Font, for the church of Myklabye in Iceland
4.3.1830 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour at the Odeon. 150 of the most important persons in Munich attends.
4.3.1830 The party continues the same evening at the torchlit Glyptothek in Munich on the inititave of Ludwig 1.. Thorvaldsen is greeted with a song.
6.3.1830 Elected member of the Kunstverein München during his stay in that city.
8.3.1830 Visits Queen Therese.
8.3.1830 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by the Society of Danish Roman at an inn in Christianshavn without the sculptor’s presence. 21 men are present. Songs by F.C. Hillerup and N.C.L. Abrahams.
8.3.1830 Spends the evening of his Roman birthday with the members of the “Liederkranz” without mentioning the special meaning of the day until after he has left the party.
8.3.1830 Woken up during the night following his Roman birthday with late cheering and singing by the “Liederkranz”.
12.3.1830 The monument to the Duke of Leuchtenberg Eugène de Beauharnais, cf. A156, is unveiled in Saint Michael’s Church, Munich.
14.3.1830 Departs from Munich bound for Rome in the company of Peter von Hess and Bernhard von Eichthal.
Presumably 20.3.1830 Rejser muligvis over Carrara for at besøge marmorbruddene dér.
Presumably 21.3.1830 Rejser muligvis over Pisa for at bese Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieris gravmonument, jf. A613, på Campo Santo.
25.3.1830 Arrives in Rome.
11.5.1830 Nicolaus Copernicus, bronze, cf. A113, is unveiled in Warsaw in front of the Staszic palace.
25.5.1830 Elected honorary member of the Verein von Künstlern und Kunstfreunden, Nuremberg.
Summer 1830 The execution of the original model, now lost, of Cupid and Erato, cf. A343.
14.6.1830 Probably visits his daughter Elisa Thorvaldsen in her French convent school in Rome, Maison Royale de S. Denys. Perhaps in the company of Anna Maria Uhden.
30.6.1830 Member of the Société des Amis des Lettres in Warsaw.
August 1830 Sketch, possibly C350r, for the monument to George Gordon Byron, A130.
8.8.1830 Draws up his first will, in which he leaves his works and collections to Copenhagen in return for the foundation of Thorvaldsens Museum.
12.8.1830 Elected honorary member of the Accademia della Valle Tiberina Toscana de Scienze ed Arti, Firenze.
Not earlier than 21.8.1830 Monument to George Gordon Byron, C352, cf. A130.
Not earlier than 31.8.1830 The Genius of Poetry, C353 (sketch for A134). The relief is part of the monument to George Gordon Byron, cf. A130.
November 1830 The spot for the funerary monument of Pius 7., cf. A142, in St. Peter’s, Rome, is ready.
19.11.1830 Drawing, C349, of possible design for Napoleon Bonaparte, cf. A909, and Victory, A360.
December 1830 Angel, A146.
December 1830 Angel, A147.
24.12.1830 Celebrates Christmas with Danish artists in Rome.
31.12.1830 Awarded the Accademia Tiberina’s medal for 1830, F124.