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Presumably 1824 Cupid and Bacchus, A407.
Presumably 1824 George Gordon Byron, A256.
Presumably 1824 - 1830 Unknown, A296.
Presumably 1824 - 1830 Pius 7.’s escutcheon, A145.
1824 Bartholomew, A100, preparatory work for A99.
1824 Pius 7., A149, preparatory work for A142.
Beginning of 1824 John is modelled in a new version, A89, by Nicolò Marchetti after a sketch by Thorvaldsen, A90.
Beginning of 1824 Ercole Consalvi, A271.
Beginning of 1824 Pius 7., A270, preparatory work for A142.
Beginning of 1824 Just Mathias Thiele arrives in Rome and meets Thorvaldsen. He stays there until 2.5.1825.
January 1824 Monument for Pius 7., A148, preparatory work for A142-A145.
24.1.1824 Ercole Consalvi dies.
Spring 1824 Appointed by the Vatican to go over the Farnese collection of sculptures.
31.3.1824 Manuel Villena and Félix Baciocchi probably visit Thorvaldsen in his studio.
Not earlier than April 1824 Richard Bingham’s marble copy of Venus with the Apple, cf. A12, is sent to England. The ship is wrecked near the English coast, but Venus escapes unharmed.
Presumably 11.4. - 19.4.1824 The Ages of Love, cf. A427.
Not later than 17.4.1824 Ghazi-ud-Din Haider, A280, is modelled.
24.4. - 9.10.1824 Negotiations with Leo von Klenze about the monument to Leuchtenberg (Eugène de Beauharnais).
Summer 1824 Jørgen Knudtzon and Alexander Baillie visit Thorvaldsen in Rome.
Summer 1824 Meets Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Completed July 1824 Louisa Hope, A824.
Not earlier than July 1824 The Ages of Love, A426.
Not earlier than July 1824 Ghazi-ud-Din Haider, is completed in two marble copies, A887.
19.7. - 2.8.1824 Commission for a portrait bust of the late baron Unico von Dörnberg. It is not known whether the bust was executed.
August 1824 Requested to execute a monument to Torquato Tasso in San Onofrio, but as Thorvaldsen hesitates, the work is given to the sculptor Giuseppe de Fabris.
6.8.1824 Elected member of the American Academy of the Fine Arts, New York.
17.9.1824 Ercole Consalvis buste, cf. A271, is placed in the Pantheon.
Not earlier than 25.9.1824 - not later than 10.10.1824 H.W. Bissen arrives in Rome and visits Thorvaldsen.
12.10.1824 Thorvaldsen asks the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel to draw the architectural plan for the monument to Pope Pius 7. to be erected in St. Peter’s.
December 1824 Ludvig Bødtcher and Jørgen Jørgensen arrive in Rome.
13.12.1824 Elected member af the Accademia Labronica in Leghorn.
Not later than 21.12.1824 Thorvaldsen meets the Polish composer and pianist Maria Szymanowska.
24.12.1824 Danes in Rome celebrate Christmas Eve together. Present are Just Mathias Thiele, Hermann Ernst Freund, Hans Harder, Johan Christian Fick, Andreas Ludvig Koop, N.L. Høyen, H.W. Bissen, Jørgen Jørgensen, Ludvig Bødtcher, Ernst Meyer, F.C. Hillerup and Hans Christian Holten.
Thorvaldsen is not there. A song by Bødtcher is sung, and Meyer portrays the company in an etching.
Not earlier than 24.12.1824 C.W. Eckersberg, A788.
End of 1824 Drawings for the monument to Leuchtenberg (Eugène de Beauharnais), C322r, C323, C324, C326, C327r, C328r, C329r, C330, C331r, C332, C333, C335r and C335v.
End of 1824 Third sketch for Pius 7., A142, is completed.