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Presumably not later than 1822 Giovanna Nugent, cf. A239, marble bust, Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka (Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka), Croatia.
Presumably 1822 Jupiter, Minerva and Nemesis, A316.
Presumably 1822 Andrea Appiani, A629.
Presumably 1822 - 1823 Mercury about to Kill Argus cf. A5, new marble version is begun. Today at the Krzeszowice Castle, Krakow.
Presumably 1822 - 1823 Henry Thomas Hope, A265.
Presumably 1822 - 1825 Shepherd Boy, A895.
Begun 1822 Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, A508, reduced version of A503, begun by Pietro Galli.
1822 Mercury about to Kill Argus, A873.
1822 Józef Poniatowski, A126, preparatory work for A123.
1822 Juliane Sophie, A202.
1822 Possibly begins a new version of Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, as a present for Iceland.
1822 Sees a live lion in a menagerie, a model for A122.
1822 - 1823 Horse, A125, model for A123.
31.1.1822 The sculptor Rudolf Schadow dies.
Completed not later than 13.2.1822 Christian Carl Friedrich August, A203.
Completed not later than 13.2.1822 Friedrich August Emil, A205.
Spring 1822 Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Ludwig, A201.
25.3.1822 Becomes a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Trondheim.
15.5.1822 Travels to Orvieto with P.O. Brøndsted and Giuseppe Tenerani in order to help the fever-stricken Pietro Tenerani return to Rome.
Not earlier than 17.5.1822 - not later than 22.5.1822 Leaves the fever-stricken Pietro Tenerani with Giuseppe Tenerani in Viterbo.
24.5.1822 Donates Caritas, marble relief (the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen, cf. A598) to the Norwegian Hans Henrik Gunnerus.
Summer 1822 Apollinaris, cf. A186, marble, Accademia di Belle Arti, Ravenna, is sent from Rome.
Summer 1822 Supervises the completion of the late sculptor Rudolf Schadow’s unfinished statue of a Bacchus. The carving itself is performed by an unidentified worker in Schadow’s former studio.
Summer 1822 - October 1822 Thorvaldsen has respiratory problems.
Summer 1822 - September 1823 Nicolaus Copernicus, cf. A113.
7.6.1822 Travels to Viterbo with a doctor and Luigi Bienaimé in order to attend the fever-stricken Pietro Tenerani.
1.7.1822 Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound visits Thorvaldsen’s workshop in Rome and probably soon after commissions a version of Shepherd Boy, cf. A177.
1.8.1822 - 1844 Rents a stable in Palazzo Barbarini and fits up his large studio here.
Presumably autumn 1822 Leo von Klenze inquires about his commission for a cast of Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, cf. A503, for Palais Leuchtenberg, München.
September 1822 Thorvaldsen receives Joseph Karl Stieler’s portrait of Ludwig 1. of Bavaria, B163.
6.9.1822 Elected member of Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab (The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters).
18.9.1822 Sulpiz Boisserée writes to Thorvaldsen that the monument to Goethe must be postponed indefinitely.
October 1822 Edward J. Cooper commissions a funerary monument to his wife, which, however, is not executed.
October 1822 Pediment group John the Baptist Preaching, A59-A70, is assembled.
13.10.1822 Antonio Canova dies in Posagno.
15.10.1822 Peter Malling recommends H.W. Bissen in a letter to Thorvaldsen.
Begun November 1822 - presumably completed 1823 Vittoria Caldoni, A886.
Presumably not later than 15.11.1822 Dancing Girl, cf. A178, and Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22, are sendt to Vienna in marble, probably to Nicolaus Esterházy, where they are subsequently exhibited in his sculpture gallery in the Mariahilf palace.
31.12.1822 Celebrates the New Year with, among others, P.O. Brøndsted and gives a party for 34 people, Germans, Danes, and Italians.