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Presumably 1826 - 1828 Mercury about to Kill Argus, jf. A5, new marble version is completed. Today at the Krzeszowice Castle, Krakow.
1826 Rosa Taddei, A877.
1826 The first thoughts about Thorvaldsen’s Museum arise.
Beginning of 1826 Józef Poniatowski, A124, preparatory work for A123.
1826 - 1827 The Ponte Molle Society arranges a triumphal procession for 10 members of the society: Thorvaldsen, Otto Magnus Stackelberg, August Kestner, Johan Niklas Byström, Carl Eggers, Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz, Benjamin Ludwig Jollage, Joseph Anton Koch, Joseph Thürmer (1787-1833) and Wilhelm Stier.
1826 - 1827 Portrayed in a pencil sketch by H.W. Bissen.
6.1.1826 Giovanni Battista Sommariva dies.
28.1.1826 Frederik 6.’s birthday is celebrated in Thorvaldsen’s rooms by the Danes in Rome.
March 1826 - February 1828 Cupid with the Bow, marble, Ardgowan, Greenock, Skotland, cf. A819.
8.3.1826 Celebrated on his Roman birthday by German artist friends. Also present are Ludvig Bødtcher and Andreas Ludvig Koop.
14.3.1826 Elected member of the Reale Accademia di belle Arti di Torino.
19.3.1826 N.C.L. Abrahams arrives in Rome in the company of Nicolai Gerson.
10.7.1826 Attends Sigismund von Neukomm’s birthday party in the evening.
August 1826 Carsten Hauch arrives in Rome from Naples and moves into Casa Buti shortly afterwards.
August 1826 Receives silver and gold medals for The Graces Listening to Cupid’s Song, cf. A602, on Andrea Appiani’s monument.
Autumn 1826 Receives a commission from the Polish government for a monument to Alexander 1, which, however, is not executed.
End of September 1826 Party for the Danes in Rome at an osteria near the Pantheon on the occasion of N.C.L. Abrahams’ and Nicolai Gerson’s return to Rome from Naples.
18.10.1826 Leo 12. visits Thorvaldsen’ studio in order to inspect the monument to Pius 7. The pope stands in worship in front of Christ, cf. A82, for an hour.
Not earlier than 16.11.1826 Excursion to Tivoli to see the disastrous flooding of the river Aniene, destroyed embankments and vanished artificial waterfalls. Participants: Danes in Rome, among them Thorvaldsen, Børge Thorlacius, N.C.L. Abrahams, Johann Martin von Wagner, and others.
Winter 1826 - 1827 Carsten Hauch reads his dramatized fairy play The Hamadryad to the Danes in Rome in Thorvaldsen’s rooms. N.C.L. Abrahams and Ludvig Bødtcher are among those present.
9.12.1826 Calls in 9,000 Roman scudi that Christian (8.) Frederik borrowed from Thorvaldsen in 1821. Christian (8.) Frederik has problems repaying the money.
24.12.1826 Christmas Eve is celebrated by Danes in Rome in Thorvaldsen’s and Hauch’s rooms in Casa Buti. At least 19 people are present, among them Bissen, Freund, Thorlacius, Abrahams, Schmidt, Bødtcher, Koop. Antique gems from Thorvaldsen’s collection are raffled off as presents. A comedy by Abrahams is performed. Songs by Hauch and Bødtcher are sung.
31.12.1826 Awarded the Accademia Tiberina’s medal for 1826.
31.12.1826 New Year’s Eve is celebrated by Danes and others in Rome in Thorvaldsen’s rooms. Among those present are: Bissen, Freund, Thorlacius, Abrahams, Schmidt, Bødtcher, Koop, Hauch, the Buti family, Senff, Wolff, Trentanove. Act 2 of Holberg’s Jacob von Thyboe is performed.
End of 1826 Józef Poniatowski, A123.