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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1832 The Graces Dancing, A374.
Presumably 1832 Hylas and the Water Nymphs, A482.
Presumably 1832 Charles James Patrick Mahon?, A286.
Presumably 1832 Horace Vernet, A884.
Presumably 1832 - 1833 Ulysses Receiving the Arms of Achilles, A497.
Presumably 1832 - 1833 Julia Potocka, A269.
Presumably 1832 - 1838 Vulcan, A10, preparatory work for A9.
1832 Alexander the Great Sets Fire to Persepolis, A515.
1832 Horace Vernet, A254.
1832 Publication of Angelo Maria Ricci’s book Anacreonte novissimo with line engravings of Thorvaldsen’s reliefs.
1832 - 1834 Cupid and Hymen, A454.
3.3.1832 The city of Mainz contacts Thorvaldsen regarding a monument to Johann Gutenberg.
8.3.1832 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by the Society of Danish Romans at Christianshavns Borgerdydsskole without the sculptor’s presence.
April - May 1832 Walter Scott is in Rome and visits Thorvaldsen.
Summer 1832 - summer 1833 Horse, A129, preparatory work for A128.
Begun June 1832 The Procession to Parnassus, A339.
8.8.1832 Applies for permission to adopt his daughter Elisa before her forthcoming marriage to Fritz Paulsen.
8.8.1832 The city of Mainz commissions a monument to Johan Gutenberg, cf. A114.
Not earlier than 8.8.1832 Travels to Carrara with his daughter Elisa in order to inspect Christ, cf. A82.
Not earlier than 8.8.1832 Thorvaldsen requests and receives study material on Johann Gutenberg for the execution of the Gutenberg monument, cf. A114, A115, A116.
21.8.1832 Receives a commission for four statues of his own choice from Slotsbygningskommissionen (Building Commission for Christiansborg Palace) for the Great Hall in Christiansborg Palace.
Presumably September 1832 Travels from Carrara via Genoa to Vicenza with Elisa in order to ask the clergy to allow the Catholic Elisa to marry the Protestant Fritz Paulsen.
Not later than 30.10.1832 Leaves Elisa in a convent in Vinenza. This is not according to Thorvaldsen’s own wish, but according to a demand made by Fritz Paulsen, his coming son in law.
30.10.1832 Travels alone from Vicenza to Milan via Padua.
November 1832 Stays in Milan, where he visits, among others, Heinrich Mylius, who commissions a work for his late son Julius’ chapel in Loveno on Lake Como.
November 1832 During his stay in Milan THorvaldsen visits Novara, where he views the high altar in the Basilica di S. Gaudenzio, for which he receives a commission for two bas-reliefs in bronze from Alessandro Antonelli.
Beginning of November 1832 Returns to Rome.
24.11.1832 - 11.6.1835 Considers travel to Copenhagen, but postpones the plan.
21.12.1832 Fritz Paulsen and Elisa Thorvaldsen leave Vicenza for Laibach (Ljubljana) in order to get married there.
24.12.1832 Gives a Christmas party for Danes in Rome; among the guests is C.H. Donner.
25.12.1832 Thorvaldsen’s daughter Elisa marries Fritz Paulsen in Laibach (Ljubljana).