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The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1825 The Genii of Life and Death, A157.
Presumably 1825 - 1827 Begins Shepherd Boy, cf. A177, marble version with a panpipe at his left foot. Location unknown.
1825 Heinrich Reinhold, A634.
1825 Stanislaw Kossakowski, A295.
Not earlier than 1825 Stanislaw Kossakowski, A706.
Beginning of 1825 Monument to Ercole Consalvi, A612.
20.1.1825 Receives the Order of the Red Eagle (3rdclass) from Friedrich Wilhelm 3. of Prussia, N20.
28.1.1825 Hosts a celebration of the beginning of the carnival and the birthday of the Danish King Frederik 6. for Danish friends in Rome.
8.2.1825 Leo von Klenze sends the contract for the monument to Leuchtenberg (Eugène de Beauharnais).
Spring 1825 Divine Power, A144, is begun.
Spring 1825 Heavenly Wisdom, A143, is begun.
March 1825 The model for Pius 7., A142, is completed.
Not later than 16.3.1825 Jean-François Champollion visits Thorvaldsen in his studios.
April 1825 Recumbent Lion, A122, is completed.
April 1825 Farewell party for Just Mathias Thiele and Hans Christian Holten, attended by Thorvaldsen, Hermann Ernst Freund, H.W. Bissen, Joseph Hermann, Ludvig Bødtcher, and others. The party ends with a nocturnal visit to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. The party was painted by Dietrich Wilhelm Lindau.
April 1825 Asks Thiele to write his biography and advises him to seek information about his youth from Stephan Heger, Carl Heger and Jens Ulstrup.
Beginning of April 1825 N.L. Høyen and Johan Christian Fick leave Rome bound for Denmark.
15.4.1825 The brig St. Croix leaves the Danish West Indies bound for Italy in order to collect some of Thorvaldsen’s works of art.
20.4.1825 A cross (unknown today) is erected in front of the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, near Piazza Barberini. Presumably it is an ornamented base for a wooden cross.
24.4.1825 Admitted to the literary academy Accademia degli Arcadi under the name of Agesando Rhodio.
May 1825 Thorvaldsen restores statues acquired by Ludwig 1.
Not earlier than May 1825 Recumbent Lion, A121.
2.5.1825 Just Mathias Thiele and Hans Christian Holten leave Rome bound for Denmark.
9.5.1825 Receives a silver cup from the commission for Ercole Consalvi’s monument.
10.5.1825 - 25.5.1825 Hermann Ernst Freund accompanies 58 crates of Thorvaldsen’s works of art from Rome to Leghorn, where they are put into storage until the arrival of the brig St. Croix.
26.5.1825 - 23.6.1825 Hermann Ernst Freund visits Florence while waiting for the brig St. Croix to arrive at Leghorn.
Summer 1825 Giovanni Battista Sommariva receives the major part of Alexander the Great’s Entry into Babylon, cf. A505.
3.6.1825 The brig St. Croix arrives at Naples.
23.6.1825 The brig St. Croix arrives at Leghorn.
1.7.1825 The brig St. Croix is loaded with 52 crates containing Thorvaldsen’s works of art; plaster casts in the hold, marble works on the deck.
2.7.1825 The first large collection of Thorvaldsen’s works is sent from Leghorn to Copenhagen on board the naval brig St. Croix.
10.9.1825 The brig St. Croix arrives in Copenhagen with 52 crates containing Thorvaldsen’s works of art.
27.9.1825 Elected honorary member of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana.
14.10.1825 Elected member of the Koninklijke Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Antwerp.
16.12.1825 Elected president of the Accademia di S. Luca and receives the decoration Ordine del Moretto / Order of the Moor, N23.
24.12.1825 Hosts a Christmas party for Danish friends. Prepares the Christmas rice pudding and sponsors antique gems for the Christmas lottery. Among those present are Andreas Ludvig Koop, Ludvig Bødtcher, F.C. Hillerup and Ole Jørgen Schmidt.