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Danes in Rome celebrate Christmas Eve together. Present are Just Mathias Thiele, Hermann Ernst Freund, Hans Harder, Johan Christian Fick, Andreas Ludvig Koop, N.L. Høyen, H.W. Bissen, Jørgen Jørgensen, Ludvig Bødtcher, Ernst Meyer, F.C. Hillerup and Hans Christian Holten.
Thorvaldsen is not there. A song by Bødtcher is sung, and Meyer portrays the company in an etching.

Primary sources

  • Sng dated 24.12.1824 by Ludvig Bødtcher.
  • J.M. Thiele: Af mit Livs Aarbøger, Copenhagen 1917, vol. I, p. 204-205 (states that Meyer’s etching (reproduced opposite p. 208 with names) was done “at Christmas-time” 1824).

Other references

  • Sys Hartmann: I Sydens Land. Ludvig Bødtcher i Rom, Copenhagen 1993, p. 26-29.

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