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Presumably 1843 Christmas Joy in Heaven, A855.
Presumably 1843 Minerva, A783, fragment of A17.
1843 Cupid and Erato, NysøH,1
1843 Hercules, A15, preparatory work for A14.
1843 Hymen, A457.
1843 Minerva, A17.
1843 Nemesis, A19.
1843 Aesculapius, A20.
Presumably January 1843 Jørgen Dalhoff succeeds in firing terracotta for the first time in Copenhagen.
January 1843 Returns to Copenhagen after a stay at Nysø.
1.1.1843 Pietro Alberto Paulsen as a Hunter’s Boy, A175. The work was commissioned by Christian 8. as a marble statue, but it was never executed.
Completed 9.1.1843 Personifications of Justice and Strength, A609, prepatory work for A606.
Completed 15.1.1843 Genii enwreathe the Arts and Sciences, A610, prepatory work for A607.
25.1.1843 Thorvaldsen revises his testament.
Presumably February 1843 Delegates the execution of a terracotta pediment for Christiansborg Palace after Jupiter, Minerva and Nemesis, A316, to Goffhelf Borup.
February 1843 Resumed negotiations with Slotsbygningskommissionen (Building Commission for Christiansborg Palace) regarding the decoration of Christiansborg Palace.
9.2.1843 Visits the painter C.W. Eckersberg in the company of Christine Stampe and the painter Hermania Neergaard (1799-1875).
20.2.1843 Attends the meeting of Akademiforsamlingen (the Fellows of the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen).
Presumably March 1843 Visits his mausoleum in the museum.
Beginning of March 1843 Disagreement between Christine Stampe and Elisa Paulsen about the celebration of Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday.
4.3.1843 Probably dines with H.C. Ørsted and his family.
6.3.1843 Justice, A606.
Completed 6.3.1843 Protection of the Arts and Sciences, A607.
8.3.1843 Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday is celebrated by Elisa Paulsen, who also celebrates her own birthday. Among those present are: Fritz Paulsen’s brother Friederich Nicolai Wilhelm Paulsen and sister-in-law, J.L. Jensen and his wife.
16.3.1843 The College of Arms reminds Thorvaldsen of the request for a draft of his coat of arms.
April 1843 Students at the University of Copenhagen remind Thorvaldsen of the commission for Martin Luther, cf. A188, and Philipp Melanchton, cf. A161.
18.4.1843 Congratulates the painter C.W. Eckersberg on his 25th anniversary as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Has arranged a dinner in Eckersberg’s honour, attended by Jonas Collin, Just Mathias Thiele, J.L. Lund, and others .
20.4.1843 Thorvaldsen gives Christine Stampe a bracelet made of gold and his own hair on her 46th birthday.
6.5.1843 Genius, A785.
13.5.1843 Visits Just Mathias Thiele in the company of the painters C.W. Eckersberg, Wilhelm Marstrand, Ernst Meyer, the art historian N.L. Høyen, and the architect Gottlieb Bindesbøll.
17.5.1843 Christian 8. sees Thorvaldsen’s collection of paintings at Charlottenborg.
23.5.1843 Probably in the Royal Theatre with Christine Stampe.
7.6.1843 Thorvaldsen’s son-in-law Fritz Paulsen dies after a long period of illness.
Presumably 21.6.1843 Moves from Copenhagen to Nysø for the summer.
Presumably July 1843 Visit at Nysø from Ernst Meyer and Wilhelm Marstrand.
Presumably July 1843 Excursion lasting a couple of days from Nysø to Møn with the Stampe family, Ernst Mayer, Wilhelm Marstrand and probably Susette Schouw. Visits to Møns Klint and Stege.
July 1843 The Genius of Sculpture, A522.
July 1843 Head of the Muse of Comedy, Nysø77, preparatory work for A342.
July 1843 Head of the Muse of Tragedy, Nysø76, preparatory work for A342.
July 1843 The Mask of Comedy, Nysø78.
July 1843 The Muses of Tragedy and Comedy, A342.
July or August 1843 The Genii of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture, A525.
Completed 1.7.1843 Cupid’s Swan Song, A456.
3.7.1843 Is appointed member of the Kurfürstlichen Akademie der bildenden Künste, Kassel.
19.7.1843 Horace Vernet calls in vain on Thorvaldsen in his home at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen.
Completed 21.7.1843 The Genius of Painting, A520.
Completed 30.7.1843 The Genii of Poetry and Harmony, A528.
August 1843 Returns to Copenhagen.
August - November 1843 Hercules, A14.
Presumably autumn 1843 The Ages of Love, A739.
Autumn 1843 Christian 8. visits Thorvaldsen’s studio.
14.9.1843 Receives a vist from the painter C.W. Eckersberg.
7.11.1843 Er sandsynligvis til stede ved et mindre selskab hos Johanne Luise og J.L. Heiberg i København.
Middle of November 1843 Stays for a couple of weeks at Nysø.
19.11.1843 Celebrates his birthday at Nysø. H.C. Andersen reads fairy tales, and a play by J.L. Heiberg is performed. Present are the Stampe family and Nicolai Søtoft, Julie and Carl Vilhelm Raben-Levetzau, Juliane and Benjamin Wolff, Charlotte and Johan Ferdinand de Neergaard. Songs by Andersen, Søtoft and Henrik Stampe.
End of November 1843 Several dinner parties given at manor houses close to Nysø, i.e. by Julie and Carl Vilhelm Raben-Levetzau, Juliane and Benjamin Wolff, Charlotte and Johan Ferdinand de Neergaard.
End of November 1843 From Nysø to Copenhagen via Vallø Castle.
Presumably December 1843 Hymen, A731.
Presumably December 1843 An arm on the clay model for Aesculapius, cf. sketch model A20, falls of. The same model crashed entirely after the death of Thorvaldsen 26.6.1844.
Presumably December 1843 Dinner at the house of Consul Alfred Hage, where the writer Constant Dirckinck-Holmfeld (1799-1880) criticizes Thorvaldsen’s Museum. Also present are Christine Stampe, Orla Lehmann and Anton Frederik Tscherning (1795-1874).
December 1843 Frequent soirées with ”the Italian singers”.
Completed 3.12.1843 The Genius of Architecture, A521.
13.12.1843 Appointed free member of the Institute of Fine Arts in London.
Middle of December 1843 During a visit to Christian 8. and Caroline Amalie, Thorvaldsen is referred to Doctor Johan Peter Jacobsen because of a legsore.
Middle of December 1843 - beginning of January 1844 Thorvaldsen is confined to his bed because of a leg sore. He is attended by the doctors Jacobsen and Bang, who disagree on the treatment.
17.12.1843 Receives a visit at Charlottenborg from the painter C.W. Eckersberg, whom he – in spite of a bad leg – subsequently calls on, also at Charlottenborg, in the company of Christine Stampe.
Not later than 22.12.1843 Given a painting by C.W. Heideck, Scene from the defence of a Spanish town during a guerrilla war, B118.
24.12.1843 Given three watercolours by Ernst Meyer, probably D848, D849, D850.
24.12.1843 Christmas at Charlottenborg. Christmas Stampe presents Thorvaldsen with Heinrich Buntzen’s Nysø Manor with Thorvaldsen in front of his Studio, B203. H.N. Clausen and his wife Birgitte Francisca are present.
31.12.1843 On New Year’s Eve, Thorvaldsen, who is confined to his bed, is visited by Christine and Henrik Stampe, N.F.S. Grundtvig and his wife Elisabeth Christina Margrethe Blicher (1787-1851), N.L. Høyen and his wife Edele Birgitte Westengaard (1799-1883).