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Leaves Civitavecchia at 3 p.m. on board the steamship Maria Christina bound for Leghorn. He is in the company of Frederikke Wallick as previously arranged.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated 3.10.1842 from Kolb to Christine Stampe.
  • Travel account dated october 1842 from Frederikke Wallick to Thiele.
  • Rigmor Stampe (ed.): Baronesse Stampes Erindringer om Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen 1912, p. 208-209 (Stampe, however, maintains that Thorvaldsen and Wallich only met each other on board the steamship, which is not true. They had already agreed upon travelling together in Rome).

Other references

  • Thiele IV, p. 188-189.
  • Carl Frederik Wilckens: Træk af Thorvaldsens Konstner- og omgangsliv, samlede til Familielæsning, Copenhagen 1874, p. 81.
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