The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1842


Christine Stampe, her children and servants leave Rome in their coach, bound for Denmark.

Primary sources

  • Rigmor Stampe (ed.): Baronesse Stampes Erindringer om Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen 1912, p. 195 (The date of departure is mentioned. According to a note, Christine Stampe made an error when writing the date in the manuscript and put 6.7.1842, but the letter below from Christian Dalgas shows that the family arrived at Leghorn in June).
  • Letter dated 13.6.1842 from Christian Dalgas.
  • Letter dated 14.6.1842 from Christine Stampe to Thorvaldsen (the letter is written in Leghorn).
  • Letter dated “2.6.1842”: / Documents / ea4845 to Horace Vernet (Thorvaldsen writes that he will not return to Copenhagen together with Christine Stampe and thus not come to Paris, but he asks Vernet to receive Stampe as if she were him).

Other references

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