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Back to 1842


The Ponte Molle Society celebrates Thorvaldsen’s “second” arrival in Rome 12.9.1841 in a big party in Palazzo Fiano, Piazza di San Lorenzo, in Rome. He is placed on a throne, the artists pay tribute to him with lights and song, and he is presented with the bajocco order, N91, of the society.

Primary sources

  • The bajocco order of the Ponte Molle Socity, N91, with the remains of a silk ribbon inscribed in ink: Zweites Ponte M[ol]le [i]n Rom d[. 8]ten Januar 1842.
  • Friedrich Noack: Deutsches Leben in Rom, Stuttgart and Berlin 1907, p. 257.

Other references

  • Ursula Peters (ed. inter al.): Künstlerleben in Rom, Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). Der dänische Bildhauer und seine deutschen Freunde, Nürnberg 1991, p. 489 (Peters claims erroneously that Thorvaldsen is presented with the bajocco order N89 on this occasion).
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