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Back to 1842

Presumably 11.10.1842

Arrival Strasbourg by stagecoach.

Primary sources

  • Account dated October 1842 from Frederikke Wallick to Just Mathias Thiele (Wallick writes that the journey from Marseille to Strasbourg (via Dijon ca. 780 km) took “3 nights and 2 days”. Thorvaldsen left Marseille 7.10.1842, which would mean that they arrived 10.10.1842. However, as the hotel bill below indicates that Thorvaldsen spent only one night in Strasbourg, which he left “12.10.1842”:/kronologi/vis/1848, Wallick’s information must be one day short. Generally, Wallick’s account contains few and not always correct dates.
  • Hotel bill dated 12.10.1842 from Jean Diemer to Thorvaldsen (documents that Thorvaldsen spent one night in Strasbourg, which he certainly left 12.10.1842).

Other references

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