The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1845


Scandinavian students’ meeting in Copenhagen with the participation of students from Uppsala, Lund, Oslo, and Copenhagen. The Church of Our Lady is visited, J.P.E. Hartmann plays the funeral march from Thorvaldsen’s funeral 30.3.1844 and other pieces. In the Christ hall in Thorvaldsens Museum, the guests are received with a song performed by Danish artists.

Primary sources

  • Song dated 24.6.1845 by NN.
  • NN [Carl Magnus Ekbohrn]: Det nordiska studentmötet i Köpenhamn år 1845, Göteborg 1845, p. 25-63 (describes the second day of the visit to Copenhagen).
  • Lunds Weckoblad No. 27, 2.7.1845 (a copy of the song I Thorvaldsens Museum, 1845). * The Scandinavian Society (ed.): Sange ved Studentermøderne i Upsala, Lund, Kjøbenhavn, Christiania. 1843. 1845. 1851. 1852., Copenhagen 1856, p. 11-12.

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