The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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Danish and German artists celebrates Thorvaldsen with a torch light procession and an orchestra on his Roman birthday. The party is held in his apartment in Casa Buti.

Primary sources

  • N.C.L. Abrahams: Meddelelser af mit Liv, Copenhagen 1876, p. 342-343.
  • Carsten Hauch: Minder fra min første Udenlandsreise, Copenhagen 1871, p. 297-299.
  • Melchiorre Missirini: [text dated 15.3.1827 regarding the celebration of Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday 8.3.1827] printed in: Notizie del giorno, Num. 11, 1827, M17,11 (Thorvaldsens Museums Småtryk-Samling 1827).

Other references

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