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1807 - 1808 Minerva and Prometheus, A319.
Not later than 14.1.1807 Bacchus Offering Cupid a Drink, C715, is executed for Herman Schubarts birthday.
14.1.1807 Takes part in the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome, arranged by Friedrich Matthäi, without Schubart’s presence.
February 1807 - 22.10.1808 Baptismal Font, marble version for the church of Brahetrolleborg, Funen, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4.
Spring 1807 Cupid Holding a Butterfly to Hurt it with an Arrow. Only known from Mori, op. cit..
Later reworked as Cupid Triumphant, A22.
April 1807 Tutors Ida Brun in drawing.
29.4.1807 Marcus Gerhard Rosencrone commissions a bust of his late father-in-law Henrik Hielmstierne. However, the bust is not modelled until probably 1812, cf. A210.
4.5.1807 Elected honorary member of the Accademia Italiana. It is uncertain whether the membership was confirmed.
Not earlier than June 1807 The Virgin with Jesus and John, A556, reworked version of relief on Baptismal Font, A555,2.
Not earlier than June 1807 - not later than 1808 Baptismal Font, A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4.
Not earlier than June 1807 - not later than 1808 Christ Blessing the Children, A737, maybe executed as a sketch for Baptismal Font, A555,4.
Not later than 6.6.1807 Jacob Laurids Thrane, Dep.36.
Not later than July 1807 Cupid and Psyche, A28.
21.9.1807 Thorvaldsen returns to Rome after a short stay in the country.
31.12.1807 The colony of German and Scandinavian artists in Rome celebrates New Year’s eve. Among those present are: Thorvaldsen, Rauch, Wahl, Bøhndel, Wagner, Welcker, Jollage, Hopfgarten, Eberhard, Dall’Armi, brødrene Riepenhausen, Kauffmann and J.L. Lund.