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Spring 1802 Sends five crates to the Academy of Fine Arts by the frigate Triton. The crates contain marble busts, books, etc.
Summer 1802 Prepares his departure from Rome in order to return to Denmark.
June 1802 Postpones his departure from Rome. Plans to travel with Georg Zoëga to Denmark in the spring of 1803.
5.6.1802 J.L. Lund arrives in Rome and takes up residence at Palazzo Galloppi Volpi, 21 Via del Quirinale.
1.7.1802 Thorvaldsen’s travel grant from the Academy of Fine Arts officially expires.
Presumably autumn 1802 Begins making the clay model for Jason with the Golden Fleece, cf. A52.
Presumably November 1802 Makes the acquaintance of Caroline and Wilhelm von Humboldt.
9.11.1802 After having stayed south of Rome for about a month, Friederike Brun moves into Villa Malta in Rome with her daughter Ida.
10.12.1802 The frigate Triton arrives in Copenhagen with five crates from Thorvaldsen in Rome. The crates are placed at the custom house and remain unclaimed at least until the autumn of 1803.
24.12.1802 Celebrates Christmas Eve in Villa Malta at Caroline and Wilhelm von Humboldt in the company of Ida and Friederike Brun, Georg Zoëga, Carl Ludwig Fernow, Heinrich Keller, J.L. Lund, Karl Viktor von Bonstetten, Carl Gotthard Grass and Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch.