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17.1.1797 The frigate Thetis departs from Malta and leaves Thorvaldsen there.
20.1.1797 Departs from Malta aboard a speronaro (coastal vessel) to Palermo on Sicily.
23.1.1797 Arrives at Palermo on Sicily.
25.1.1797 Sees a ceiling decoration by Vincenzo Manno in a church in Palermo. Visits Manno and spends the evening in his company at the local Academy of Fine Art.
26.1.1797 Visits the cathedral and other churches in Palermo.
27.1.1797 Visits Vincenzo Manno in Palermo.
28.1.1797 Departs from Palermo at 7 a.m. aboard a packet boat heading for Naples.
31.1.1797 Arrives at Naples.
1.2.1797 Thorvaldsen meets the Danish envoy to Napoli, Edmund Bourke.
2.2.1797 Visits churches in Naples.
3.2.1797 Has dinner at Bourke’s and meets Wilhelm Tischbein and Jørgen Scheel.
4.2.1797 Visits Tischbein in his studio and looks at antique works of art in Palazzo degli Studi.
5.2.1797 Visits the cathedral in Naples and other churches. After that, an excursion to Portici, where he sees the museum at Reggia di Portici.
6.2.1797 Studies antique art at the Palazzo degli Studi (the Archaeological Museum of Naples).
7.2.1797 Visits the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.
8.2.1797 Visits a number of churces in Naples. Dines with Edmund Bourke.
9.2.1797 Visits Wilhelm Tischbein and, once more, the Capodimonte Museum.
13.2.1797 Visits the porcelain factory Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte in Naples.
14.2.1797 Visits Christian Heigelin and sees his collection of art.
Presumably 15.2. - 5.3.1797 Climbs Mount Vesuvius in the company of the chemist Christoph Heinrich Pfaff.
6.3.1797 Leaves Naples for Rome, travelling along the Appian Way in the company of the German chemist Christoph Heinrich Pfaff.
7.3.1797 Passes Capua, Mola di Gaeta and Passo di Portella in Monte San Biagio on his way to Rome.
8.3.1797 Arrives in Rome. The date was later known as “Thorvaldsen’s Roman birthday”.
Not earlier than 8.3.1797 - not later than 1.3.1798 Lives in Via del Babuino 119, Rome.
Not earlier than 8.3.1797 Introduces himself to Georg Zoëga.
May 1797 - 1804 Thorvaldsen supplements his meagre income by drawing figures for the English painter George Augustus Wallis’ landscapes; in some cases he painted directly on the paintings.
June - December 1797 Tyge Rothe, A225.
3.6.1797 - 1799 Rents a workshop in Vicolo delli Aliberti, which used to belong to the sculptor John Flaxman.
Presumably autumn 1797 A.P. Bernstorff, A208, reworked version of A856.
September - December 1797 Carlo Francesco Bassi, A631.
Beginning of October 1797 Spends eight days at Genzano with the Zoëga family.
Presumably winter 1797 - 1798 A.P. Bernstorff, marble, Brahetrolleborg, Fåborg.
18.12.1797 - 24.12.1797 Walking tour in the company of Fernow, Legation counsellor Bielfeld (17??-18??), Johann Jürgen Busch and the painter Johann Martin von Rohden around Rome to Albano, Genzano, Velletri, Cori, Palestrina and Tivoli.
31.12.1797 Arrested along with Carlo Francesco Bassi in connection with riots in the Piazza di Spagna. Released the same day with the help of Francesco Piranesi.