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Departs from Malta aboard a speronaro (coastal vessel) to Palermo on Sicily.

Primary sources

  • Thorvaldsen’s diary, 19.1.1797 (According to the diary, the departure is dated 19.1., but Thorvaldsen has made the mistake of dating the first three days in the diary one day early, see note on this in Thorvaldsen’s diary 1797. The departure from Malta must therefore have taken place on 20.1.1797).
  • Documents in the National Archives of Malta, Magna Curia Castellania, Reg. Patentarum, (The departure probably took place on 20.1.1797, cf. journal no 13–2/2006).
  • Thiele I, p. 78 (Thiele mentions 19.1.1797 in accordance with the mistaken date of departure in the diary).

Other references

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