The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1797


The frigate Thetis departs from Malta and leaves Thorvaldsen there.

Primary sources

  • Thorvaldsen’s diary, 16.1.1797 (Thorvaldsen gives the wrong date).
  • Peder Pavels’ diary (gives the date 17.1.1797).
  • Jf. National Archives of Malta, Magna Curia Castellania, Reg. Patentarum (the Maltese quarantine authorities’ lists of ships’ departures from the harbour of Valetta document the departure of the Thetis on 17.1.1797), cf. Sven Sørensen & Joseph Schirò (ed.): Malta 1796-1797, Thorvaldsen’s Visit. Based on the unpublished diary of Peder Pavels, Malta 1996., p. 100.

Other references

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