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Presumably 1795 Unknown, A913.
Presumably 1795 - 1796 Christian Ulrich Detlev von Eggers, C747.
Presumably 1795 - 1796 Hans Marcussen Ammitzbøll, watercolour and pencil on paper, Vejle Kunstmuseum.
1795 A.P. Bernstorff, A724.
1795 A.P. Bernstorff, A856.
1795 C. Pram, private collection, drawing for the engraving E2299.
1795 Christian Ulrich Detlev von Eggers, drawing for the engraving E2296.
1.1.1795 Watercolour drawing for Sophie Probsthayn, C821.
5.1.1795 Shows the relief Numa Pompilius and Egeria, A748, to the Academy of Fine Arts, with the result that his one-year scholarship of 100 rix-dollars is extended.
23.2.1795 Receives a visit from the portrait painter Hans Hansen in his home Åbenrå 13, Copenhagen.
2.11.1795 Applies for the travel grant of the Academy of Fine Arts, which is awarded on the same day.
December 1795 Carl Wilhelm Anton Eegholm, C754.