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1801 Achilles and Penthesilia, A777.
1801 Mathias Saxtorph, A899. Thorvaldsen left the execution of this bust to another sculptor.
5.2.1801 The Centaur Chiron teaching Achilles Medicin, drawing in the album of Johan Jacob Ekman, private collection.
Spring 1801 Models a portrait bust of Johan Jacob Ekman, location unknown.
Not later than 22.4.1801 The first clay model for Jason with the Golden Fleece, cf. A52, is completed.
Not later than 22.8.1801 Thorvaldsen destroys the first clay model of Jason with the Golden Fleece, executed 1800-1801. The model is unknown today (however, see A52).
October 1801 The sixth year of Thorvaldsen’s travel grant is paid out.