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Not later than 1796 Bernt Anker?, A782.
Not later than 1796 Cecilia Kirstine Monrad, A745 og A747.
Not later than 1796 Peter Johan Monrad, A744 og A746.
Not later than 1796 Thomas Thaarup, drawing, the Theatre Museum, Copenhagen, drawing for the engraving E2298.
Presumably 1796 Unknown, A888.
1796 A.P. Bernstorff, A743.
1796 A.P. Bernstorff, A817.
Not later than January 1796 Ole Johan Samsøe, C755.
Spring 1796 With the help of A.P. Bernstorff and encouraged by Peder Horrebow Haste, among others, Thorvaldsen obtains the permission of the Admiralty to travel to Italy with the frigate Thetis on her expedition to the Mediterranean.
6.3.1796 Is godfather to Henriette Johanne and Peder Friis’ daughter, Petrine Christine Engelbrechtine Friis (1796-1820).
9.3.1796 Takes part in the wedding celebration of Frederike Dorothea and Peter Hanning Hammer.
Not later than middle of March 1796 Frederike Dorothea Hammer, C746.
Not later than middle of March 1796 Peter Hanning Hammer, portrait drawing, private collection.
Not later than middle of March 1796 Peter Hanning Hammer, portrait medallion, location unknown.
Not later than 27.3.1796 Ernst Heinrich Løffler, A864 og A630.
31.3.1796 A.P. Bernstorff, A856, is shown to Hereditary Prince Frederik at the Academy of Fine Arts.
20.5.1796 - 30.8.1796 Charlotte Amalie Fisker, portrait drawing, location unknown.
Presumably June 1796 Commemorative pamphlet for Ole Johan Samsøe, drawing for engraved vignette in the magazine Thalia.
Summer 1796 F.C. Willerup, bust, probably plaster, location unknown.
1.7.1796 Thorvaldsen’s travel grant takes effect officially.
Not later than August 1796 Hans Christopher Sonnin, portrait drawing, private collection.
Not later than August 1796 Jens Ulstrup, portrait drawing, private collection.
Not later than August 1796 Johanne Ulstrup, portrait drawing, private collection.
Middle of August 1796 Farewell party for Thorvaldsen at the Royal Shooting Range. A song by Peder Horrebow Haste is sung.
23.8.1796 Receives Instructions from the Academy of Fine Arts concerning his journey.
29.8.1796 Thorvaldsen goes on board the frigate Thetis.
30.8.1796 Thorvaldsen leaves Copenhagen on board the frigate Thetis.
31.8.1796 Thetis passes Skagen.
3.9.1796 Thetis passes Dogger Bank.
6.9. - 7.9.1796 The frigate Thetis shoots at English ships in the North Sea.
8.9.1796 Thetis passes North Foreland Lighthouse and enters the English Channel.
9.9.1796 Thetis anchors near Dover due to fog.
11.9.1796 Thetis passes Isle of Wight.
13.9. - 15.9.1796 Thetis lies off the isle of Portland in the English Channel.
16.9.1796 Thetis passes Prawle Point.
19.9.1796 Thetis passes Eddystone Lighthouse off Plymouth.
20.9.1796 Thetis leaves the English Channel.
21.9. - 6.10.1796 Gerhard Sievers Bille, C750.
23.9.1796 Thetis passes the island Ushant.
29.9.1796 Johan Christian Gustav Hohlenberg, C756.
30.9.1796 Thetis passes Cape Finisterre.
October or December 1796 Laurits Jensen Grove, portrait drawing, location unknown.
2.10.1796 The frigate Thetis exchanges a few shots with two Portuguese frigates off the coast of Portugal.
4.10.1796 Thetis passes Cape St. Vincent.
7.10.1796 Thetis passes Gibraltar.
8.10.1796 Thetis anchors at Malaga.
Thorvaldsen and others go ashore. He calls on the Danish consul. Visits churches and goes to the theatre, etc.
9.10.1796 The frigate Thetis waits for favourable wind. Thorvaldsen and Peder Pavels go ashore in Malaga, visit a hospital, some churches, and a coffee house.
10.10.1796 Thorvaldsen, Peder Pavels, H.A. Schmidt o.a. går igen i land i Malaga og besøger kirker, kaffehus m.m.
11.10.1796 The frigate Thetis weighs anchor and leaves Malaga, heading for Algiers.
16.10.1796 The frigate Thetis reaches Algiers and leaves its companion, the “present ship” Laurentius, there.
17.10. - 22.10.1796 The frigate Thetis sails towards Malta in stormy weather.
24.10.1796 The frigate Thetis reaches Malta and is quarantined against the risk of plague.
26.10. - 6.11.1796 Lorens Henrich Fisker, portrait drawing, Frederiksborg, Hillerød.
26.10. - 6.11.1796 Lorens Henrich Fisker, portrait drawing, location unknown.
29.10.1796 Under Thetis’ karantæne tager fregattens officerer, H.A. Schmidt, Peder Pavels og Thorvaldsen på rotur rundt i Vallettas havn.
Beginning of November 1796 Charlotte Amalie Fisker, portrait drawing, Frederiksborg, Hillerød.
3.11.1796 Maltas sundhedskommission fastholder 40 dages karantæne for Thetis fra den dag fregatten forlod Algier. Plus 20 dage, hvis Thetis i mellemtiden sejler til Tripoli.
7.11.1796 The frigate Thetis leaves Malta and heads for Tripoli.
13.11.1796 The frigate Thetis anchors in the harbour of Tripoli.
14.11. - 15.11.1796 Thetis’ kaptajn, Lorens Henrich Fisker forhandler forgæves fred med pashaen af Tripoli, Sidi Yussef.
15.11.1796 Thorvaldsen, Christian Georg Hansen and Peder Pavels go ashore in Tripoli.
The same night the frigate Thetis has to weigh anchor due to stormy weather.
16.11. - 22.11.1796 En kraftig storm tvinger Thetis østpå, og først efter fire dage bliver det muligt at sejle tilbage mod Tripoli.
23.11.1796 The frigate Thetis returns to the harbour of Tripoli and is reunited with its captain. Sails two days later towards Malta or Sicily.
Presumably December 1796 G.F. Rørbye, C751.
2.12.1796 The frigate Thetis returns to Malta, in quarantine against the plague until the 18th of December.
Middle of December 1796 The Centaur Chiron Teaching Achilles Medicin, C499, drawing for the album of the ship’s doctor Hansen.
16.12.1796 H.A. Schmidt, portrait drawing, location unknown.
18.12.1796 The quarantine of the frigate Thetis against the plague is raised, and Thorvaldsen and the crew goes ashore in Valletta.
20.12.1796 - beginning of January 1797 Stays at Scamp’s Palace in Valletta for three weeks together with Pavels while the frigate Thetis is being careened.
21.12.1796 Til middag hos den danske konsul på Malta Joseph Abela (Habela) sammen med bl.a. Lorens Henrich Fisker
26.12.1796 Visits the town of Mdina on Malta accompanied by Peder Pavels, Christian Georg Hansen, G.F. Rørbye and H.A. Schmidt.
At the turn of 1796 - 97 Outline of Fort St. Angelo in the harbour of Valletta, C818r (part of the motive).
End of December 1796 Makes a satiric drawing of an officer of the quarantine board for Peder Pavels, location unknown.