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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1798 - 1804 Melpomene, copy after antique model, marble bust, Nysø.
January - June 1798 Bacchus and Ariadne, A1.
1.1.1798 Receives a document of protection from the Swedish diplomat Francesco Piranesi.
10.2.1798 The French army occupies Rome.
11.2.1798 Receives a passport issued by the Swedish legation in order to be prepared to flee if necessary.
15.2.1798 General Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815) proclaims a Roman republic from the Capitoline Hill.
20.2.1798 Pope Pius VI is kidnapped and dies soon after at Valence in France.
Presumably 1.3.1798 - 1799 Residence at 25 Via Sistina, 3rd floor, Rome.
25.5.1798 The painter Asmus Jacob Carstens dies.
Not earlier than 25.5.1798 Thorvaldsen is appointed executor of the estate of Asmus Jacob Carstens’ and inherits some drawings.
Summer 1798 Sends crate from Rome to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen containing, among other artworks, the following for the judgment of the academy: Bacchus and Ariadne, A1 and Tyge Rothe, A225.
Not later than June 1798 Bacchus, colossal bust, probably a copy after an antique original, presumably modelled and cast in plaster, hardly carved in marble. Unknown location.
November 1798 Neapolitan troops drive the French army out of Rome.
29.11.1798 King Ferdinand I of Naples enters Rome.
December 1798 French troops drive the Neapolitans out of Rome.
End of 1798 Thorvaldsen’s crate with works and other things sent from Rome to the Academy of Fine Arts arrives in Copenhagen. The crate remains unclaimed at the custom house until the late summer of 1799.