The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1796


Thorvaldsen, Christian Georg Hansen and Peder Pavels go ashore in Tripoli.
The same night the frigate Thetis has to weigh anchor due to stormy weather.

Primary sources

  • Peder Pavels: Reisejournal 1796-1797, Ms.8º 709, Manuscript Department, the National Library, Oslo – copy in Thorvaldsens Museum, p. 30-34.
  • Ship’s secretary H.A. Schmidt: Diary Kept at the Journey to Algier and other Places with the Frigate Thetis, the physical archive at Thorvaldsens Museum, p. 74-80 (Schmidt did not join the others for the visit to Tripoli).

Other references

  • Peder Pavels’ diary, in: Sven Sørensen and Joseph Schirò (ed.): Malta 1796-1797, Thorvaldsen’s Visit, Malta 1996, p. 38-39.
  • Thiele I, p. 65.
  • Related Article: The Journey to Italy 1796-1797

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