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Date Events Whereabouts Works
Presumably 1806 Jacob Laurids Thrane, A881.
1806 Herman Schubart, A812.
1806 Jacqueline Schubart, A813.
1806 - February 1807 Hebe, A37.
14.1.1806 Attends the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome, but without Schubart’s presence.
14.2.1806 Requested to execute a design for a monument to the victory of the United States over Tripoli in 1805. The work is never commissioned.
12.3.1806 Thorvaldsen’s friend Christian Stub dies.
Presumably June 1806 Jacob Baden, A802.
Summer 1806 - summer 1807 The Dance of the Muses on Helicon, A705, unfinished.
Not later than June 1806 Apollon, copy after Apollon Giustiniani, marble, Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid.
June - September 1806 Jacob Baden, A863.
Autumn 1806 Psyche, A26.
Completed not later than 5.9.1806 Caritas, C820, given to Jacqueline Schubart on the occasion of her birthday 10.9.1806.
24.10.1806 Thorvaldsen’s father Gotskalk Thorvaldsen dies at Vartov (an institution for the poor, sick and old) in Copenhagen.
Presumably 9.11.1806 Andreas Dobert Kalleberg and Jacob Laurids Thrane leave Rome bound for Denmark.
Winter 1806 - 1807 Psyche, statue, marble, ca 130 cm, location unknown.
31.12.1806 C.F. Hansen commissions four reliefs for the facade of Christiansborg Palace that later become Hercules and Hebe, cf. A317, Hygieia and Aesculapius, cf. A318, Minerva and Prometheus, cf. A319, and Nemesis and Jupiter, cf. A320. He also commissions works, never completed, for the facade of the Copenhagen Town Hall and Courthouse.