The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1807

Not earlier than June 1807

The Virgin with Jesus and John, A556, reworked version of relief on Baptismal Font, A555,2.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated 2.11.1804 from Herman Schubart to Thorvaldsen (the baptimal font is commissioned).
  • Letter dated 16.9.1805 from Herman Schubart to Thorvaldsen (the front is finished).
  • Letter dated 30.1.1807 from Thorvaldsen to Schubart (considers subjects for the other three sides besides the front of Baptismal Font ).
  • Letter dated 6.6.1807 from Thorvaldsen to Schubart (will start modelling the other three sides).

Other references

  • Thiele II, p. 69.

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