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Sails to Bøjden on the island of Funen, sees the altar painting by Eckersberg in Horne Church.

Primary sources

  • Iversens Avis nr. 121, 30.9.1819 (quoted in Emanuela Barellai: ‘En fynsk kosmopolit fra det 18. århundrede. Diplomaten og mæcenen Herman Schubart (1756-1832)’, in: Fynske Årbøger 1984, p. 44) (the date can be deduced from the newspaper).
  • Passport issued 6.7.1819 issued by P.O. Brøndsted to Thorvaldsen.
  • Travel account Juli-oktober 1819 af J.L. Lund (indicates only the location not the date).
  • Thiele III, p. 12.

Other references

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