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In the company of Karl Pfyffer von Altishofen Thorvaldsen visits the place where the monument Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion), cf. A119, is to be erected.

Primary sources

  • Th. v. Liebenau: Oberst Carl Pfyffer von Altishofen und das Löwendenkmal in Luzern. Erinnerungsblätter zur Feier des siebenzigjährigen Bestandes der Kunstgesellschaft der Stadt Luzern, Luzern 1889, p. 40.
  • Peter Felder: Das Löwendenkmal von Luzern, Luzern 1964, p. 18-19.

Other references

  • Thiele III, p. 8 (notes that Thorvaldsen met Lucas Ahorn already at this time, but this cannot be true if Liebenau’s dating of Ahorn’s arrival to January 1820, op. cit., is correct. According to Felder, op. cit., the carving had not even begun. Pankraz Eggenschwyler did not start hollowing out the mountain side until 19.8.1819, and the original models did not arrive until the end of October the same year).
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